Oliver Pocher Had
March 29th, 2019 by thesuper

Norman Alexander in Oliver Pocher guest Mentalist and magician Norman Alexander woke up on April 30, 2010 in the Oliver Pocher show the Mentalist abilities of Oliver Pocher. With a twinkle in his eye was Norman Alexander as Mega-Mentalist”announced and made uncertain first along with mortadella (Oliver Pocher) during a car ride with a blindfold the streets in Cologne. While Norman Alexander the task mastered, mortadella with Guido Westerwelle, Jorg Kachelmann, the Pope, and finally were all naturally only a grandmother about the pile of life-size cardboard cutouts and the Grandma a stuntman entertainment with black humor. Then it was razor-sharp for Oliver Pocher in the Russian roulette. A video showed first a horny”Mage who is even seriously injured in.

However not Mentalist and magician Norman Alexander, played Russian roulette, but Oliver Pocher now with the help of Norman Alexander. There was a knife hidden under five paper bags and after repeated mixing Oliver Pocher nor Norman Alexander knew where the knife is. From paper to paper bag, who were beaten by Oliver Pocher together with Norman Alexander down the emotions of the guests, escalated in the Studio wavering between fear and gloating, until finally the game successfully and without damages for any of the actors and to facilitate all went out. Strong applause followed spontaneously on this successful performance, which resulted in even after the show for much of the conversation.

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