Origin, history and evolution
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Sandra Alejandra Quintero, 9-year old student in the smallest of a yoga school in the capital of Boyaca, has suffered the effects of stress at school and that’s why conventional to their parents so that the register at the course. “Sometimes the tasks put it to a very tense and do yoga teaches us to have more serenity and to live more relaxed,” explains the child. This practice has taught them to the small, among other things, to become aware of the little convenience of consuming junk food or packages that regularly carry in the lunch box. Now avoiding soft drinks, sweets and sausages.Joseph Pilates was a sickly child, which led him to study the human body and how to strengthen it through exercise. In this way, eventually became a great athlete. It was in England where he would begin to develop their method to be interned during the First World War because of his German citizenship in a concentration camp. youtube videon on program that works Working as a nurse, developing a method to improve the health of other inmates through the exercise. For the weak and sick beds pilates amount on a system of ropes and pulleys to exercise the muscles, which was the origin of some of the subsequent machines designed by the (reform, trapeze, chair and barrel). Over time developed a large number of exercises to be performed on them, as well as others to be charged simply on the floor on a mat.
In 1923 he moved to the United States and amount in Manhattan, along with his wife Clara, a study to teach his method. It quickly became popular with dancers and choreographers, whose injuries resulting from the intensive training required them to spend long periods of inactivity and recovery.
Wrote two books. I have tried many different diets and fitness programs, but only was able to sculpt my bustline perfectly. In the first Your Health: A system of corrective exercise that has revolutionized the field of Physical Education (Your Health: A Corrective System of Exercising That revolutionize the Entire Field of Physical Education), 1934, outlined his theories and philosophy on health, hygiene and physical exercise. The second, back to life through the contrologia (Return to Life fitness through Contrology), 1945, is a practical manual with 34 basic exercises, to test its potential customers at home, without the need for the aircraft, which the method really worked.
After his death in 1967, wife Clara took over the studio until his death ten years later, but during all that time was led by one of the students of Joseph, Romana Kryzanowska. Pilates not expressly teachers of their method, but several students opened centers to teach their practices and two of the first, Lolita San Miguel and Kathy Grant was officially certified by the under the auspices of the University of New York, to teach. Along with Ron Fletcher, who founded easy a studio in Beverly Hills in 1970 that it would be the origin of the method of recognition between actors in Hollywood, and psychoanalyst Mary Bowen, who opened her studio in 1975, are called? Older? (the elder), for the organization to which they belong, the Pilates Method Alliance. The term refers to those who studied directly with Pilates. Elders also are considered, though not belong to this organization, Romana Kryzanowska and Mary Pilates, niece of Joseph Pilates.
Other teachers, students of Pilates direct or second-generation, who have contributed to the expansion of the method around the world are, for example, the dancer Eve Gentry, who in the early sixties to the methods taught at the University of New York and later opened his own studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the dancer Bruce King, who opened a studio in New York in the mid-seventies and Carola Trier, the only one of the students who opened a Pilates studio in life and with this approval.
Over the years, Pilates has evolved, workout creating new machinery, equipment and support ways of doing this, but the essence is maintained in all of them. We also have created other systems that combine the original pilates with different disciplines, such as yogalates, created by Louise Solomon, a mix of yoga with pilates; the yogilates; or Pilates with chi, the method that incorporates the concept of qi (chi) or vital energy, typical of traditional Chinese medicine.
Also some originals that might be considered basic have been edited. For example, in the years in which the back on the floor, Pilates stated that this should be flat in total contact with the ground, whereas today it is considered that it is appropriate to respect its natural curvature, the lordosis lumbar. It also has changed the position of elbows and knees, recommending that the full stretch to block, which currently is not done.
However, the essential philosophy of the method is increasingly influential in all sorts of sports and training and there are many athletes, dancers or coaches transposing their principles to their training but not strictly follow the method. In fact, Pilates stated that these principles should be incorporated into our daily business until it ended up becoming something natural and unconscious.
One of the problems encountered with easy the expansion of pilates is the need to find good teachers who can certify their knowledge of the method.

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