Paralysis of the Moquegua Region 2008
April 30th, 2009 by thesuper

(Redirected from Stop indefinite Department of Moquegua, 2008)
Location of Moquegua Region in Peru.
The blockade of the Moquegua Region in 2008 was a demonstration that began over a short period cell phones of 48 hours LG between 5 and June 6, 2008, cellular providers and have had no satisfactory solution cellular phones has been extended with all the plans include a unspecified period of unemployment cellular phones at the regional cellular phone plans level from Tuesday until June 10 date is not respected, to find a solution to the distribution of mining Nokia royalties, produced by the export of copper from Southern Peru Copper Corporation in southern Peru, was the blockade of the Pan-American South, isolating Motorola the Tacna Region in free phones all forms of terrestrial communications, together with the total paralysis of economic activities in Moquegua. The HTC shares of the population moqueguana affect the people of Tacna on the wireless phones shortage and Samsung rising prices of essential items, leaving tourists stranded in Tacna, you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans closing schools and businesses.
This stay with the participation of wireless providers people belonging to all provinces of Moquegua Region, , demanding a solution to the current problems on the rest of the canon minero budgets of royalties from candy bar phone the year 2006 .
Finally, an agreement was cellular coverage reached slider phone with the reunion of the representatives of the region together with the chairperson of the Council of Ministers Jorge Del Castillo and some ministers on June cell phones 19, mobile phones which means a record of 8 points is a compromise and proceeded to lift the strike and rehabilitation of roads by local plans people .

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