Pike Spinning
April 18th, 2012 by thesuper

Lures are excellent bait for pike. Can not stop wondering how exactly lures imitate a live fish. Consider the main characteristics of wobblers: 1. Buoyancy wobbler fishing success on crankbaits lies in the fact that they have the buoyancy. Unlike all the other baits that are designed for pike fishing, lures have different degrees of buoyancy: positive, neutral and negative. Lures can be divided into three types: surface, floating and sinking. Each of these types of wobblers has its advantages under different conditions of fishing.

Due to the fact that we can varirovat buoyant crankbaits, select the optimum buoyancy under the specific conditions of fishing, we can pick up perfectly schuchyu bait in a specific location. That is, if the other baits, such as kolebalka, spinner or jig head, we have to keep a certain speed, below which the bait stops working or will drag along the bottom, then with wobblers this will not happen if we choose the correct buoyancy wobbler and its characteristics. Lure will move so smoothly and slowly, that will be able to persuade him to attack even the most passive pike. Ideal buoyancy wobbler reached at pre-testing. Necessary to choose the right accessories wobbler that he had zero buoyancy. This is achieved by correct selection of weight clockwork rings and hooks.

Thus we reach the horizontal position of a wobbler. And if we did dobemsya and wobbler will be 10-15 seconds to hover in a horizontal position in the water, this lure will work wonders for catching pike. Pike biting can be divided into two parts: passive and active.

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