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March 9th, 2010 by thesuper

Politics Main article: Politics of the United States United States Capitol, symbol of the legislature. White House, a symbol of executive power. Building of the United States Supreme Court, the symbol of judicial power. America is a constitutional republic, presidential and federal levels. His government has limited powers enumerated in the Constitution of the United States. Its form of government is known as a presidential democracy because a president. The election of the president is indirectly through electors or electors. The president’s powers reach not only head of state but also the executive and the ability to veto certain decisions of the legislature. There are three levels of government: the federal level, state level and local level. The leaders of these territorial governments are elected by universal suffrage by voters or appointed by other elected officials. Almost all offices are decided by a plurality of votes for a candidate.Candidates win elections, not political parties, whose influence and organization is less than in other democracies like those in Europe. All Americans are entitled to vote from age 18. There are limits on voting rights for those in prison for crimes that is punishable by penalty, the restriction on voting in some states professional and prison law restricts the right to vote despite having yet completed the sentence and residents of the agencies and the federal district are represented only by a delegate to Congress who do not vote. To exercise the right to vote must register with voters. The country comprises 50 states autonomy in their internal system. The main political parties are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, who dominate the political scene for what some consider the system of this country as a two-party democracy.Other minor parties are the Green Party, the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party. Yet virtually no representation on the grounds that the Democrats and Republicans have more than 95 of territorial representation.

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