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In San Francisco in late 1968 was the first publicly presented ((())) Official device. During half time and also be a presentation of a multimedia computer system and also interconnected network was first made known in a graphical windowing system and then take almost all modern operating systems. At that time, furthermore, was shown hypermedia, a mechanism to browse the Internet and use videoconferencing.
Engelbart actually advanced several decades to a future possible, and since 1951 had begun to develop the possibilities of connecting pcs ((())) in networks, where there were just dozens and rather primitive, among other ideas as the email, which would be its first user. I think that information could be used for much more than mathematical calculations, and (((device))) as part of this ambitious project, which aimed to increase collective intelligence and founded the Augmentation Research Center (Center for Research of the increase) in Stanford University.
And despite initial hopes of Engelbart who was the tip of the iceberg for a development of various computer components like, a decade later it was something unique, revolutionary, who had not yet gained popularity. In fact several of the concepts and ideas encountered even today have achieved success. Engelbart also achieve a great fortune, all the patent rights awarded to Stanford University and received a check for about 10,000 dollars.

Beta News
It is not the same as letting users say that they do not want them in the first place, but if Microsoft confirms Windows 7 users will be allowed to tell setup to remove IE8.
09 March 2009 Millions of music and movie files are potentially under threat of a trojan which modifies file codes and causes of Windows Media Player to access a malicious URL where the files are played with more malware is downloaded to the computer, Symantec said in its latest report.
Wired News
Windows is a poor fit for small, underpowered netbooks. The situation has prompted a new crop of innovators to create netbook-optimized systems. Microsoft is not taking the challenge lies.
ZDNet Asia
in a blog posting, Microsoft notes that it is not just Internet Explorer that can be disabled. Tools such as Windows Media Player and Search may be disabled.

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