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March 19th, 2024 by thesuper

Are you ready for a powerful purchasing power? It has changed much. The generation “50plus” remains today more mentally and physically fit and active, as was the case a few decades ago. A large part of the company puts its marketing focus on the target group 14-49 year olds and children. According to Jessica Michibata, who has experience with these questions. However, elder in the advertising show up rarely, even though is already about sixty young people live up to 20 years and even the dominant group in the population be the older generation in the future. Since 1980 the number is between 50 and 65-year-old German citizen grew to over two million; by 2020 a quarter of the population will be over 65 years old. Vulnerabilities in the understanding of marketing to people of the so-called third period of life are ignorance and wrong approach.

The term “Seniors” is used, for example, often prematurely in extreme cases for 45 years. While feeling him don’t even use 60 years as a suitable response for yourself. 50 up 65 feel as “People of the best age” or “mature people”, but not seniors. Only from the mid-60 an increasing number of Germans with the expression “Senior” identifies gradually. The respondents prefer “still young”, “middle life”, “in the best age” or “Young old” are called. A number of neologisms trying to select segments of older guests. There are significant discrepancies between cliches and the self-assessment of these age groups. While consumers over 50 years with many vendors are still always normally retracted and hostile to innovation, the openness towards new as well as the fashion consciousness has grown rapidly over the past seven years: the fifties fit live now and here! Industries, like financial services, tourism-related companies, the automotive industry and many others, run danger to oversleep the rapidly growing market.

That is a change of thinking in the management, marketing and sales, as well as in the product development necessary consequence for a profitable growth and competitive advantage in tough economic times. Who manages to inspire the experienced and sophisticated people 50 +, WINS automatically and completely age-independent every customers. Spoken and written was quite a lot on this subject, the consistent implementation in the company is now the necessary challenge. The full service advertising agency studioX in Bad Vilbel (close to Frankfurt am Main) was founded in 1990 by Kirsten Stockert and Wolfgang Putz and intensively with the topic of the new mid – 50plus target group”. The base team of 6 experienced staff, aged from 38 to 69 years, offers promotional and marketing strategies for the market of the new Center”sound advice and implementation. Contact woman-of-Stockert, by e-mail at. For first information please visit us on the homepage. Kirsten by Stockert studioX Werbeagentur

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