recession, the beginning of the end jajaja
January 28th, 2010 by thesuper

Q waves, ps after a long absence, today we will talk about it Nooo stain, q puff things have happened, the main thing and as everyone knows, the economic crisis and the world we call, for q q say to us not stuck in Mexico Les voi give you an example, oi me jui al oxxo buy some chocorrol, cost me 8.50 mamn jajaja no c no cost if it had d ia jajaj c not to buy but made me super expensive jajaja, weno ps mexiko c oficialmete crisis etsa recover until 2010, q weno not be long, but thequestion q sera d us until 2010 jaja ps q look around you see aki, key things for me hai q qc is resolved. As you know the super Tuesday we leave as president-elect of our neighboring countries to barak obama, mamn noo osea q los q q tamos we live as we have elected the first president in U.S. negroo, sorprense io pense q me the most serious razismo JUERTE q weno but I’m glad it was my cock because when obama weno c le kedan several paketit, to me, is urrrgente to support the automotive industry, it is scandalous how they have come down with losses scandalous and outrageous jajaja todoo, another thing is to leave spending money is that bitch precensia military in Iraq, and another thing to put an end to this mortgage crisis, hopefully the 700 plan works jajaja 000 million. carstens in Mexiko the fat for me because of the armed chido not slept c c put batteries with the weight and the new budget, but I block is q q q ever watch the news low weight and the mixture loses mexikaner more dollars, that makes me see the situation q ta q no c Kaona saves changing obama theme besides d dq fulfill all promised as fair immigration reform, his plan economiko or stop going out in video games has to raise the uniteds of this recession that we tokando a todooos, is more mas chingon Germany is the European Union announced it officially entered a recession, the 4th country in the world but I riko this e suna warning for others, may fall asi q cualkiera awas have let q be q mexiko G20 meeting is inside is like being a VIP jajaja jajajja jajajaj p ps pake serves or as the meeting of the advisors d Felipillo obama, espero q no AIAN only had coffee made abuzaos hai q and write q forgive everything in disorder but this is cn webba juera d our hands if uniko ah jajaja q les digg not indebted to the plastikos c with d credit cards right now that kaon ta oo, y weno porke toi think so because what vale madre q pasa esq as webba hai me write but not both q kiero me see me eh mamon pseud past cagandome d laugh with the peasant, osea Ferrer, Ferrer G mez felipe weeee jajajajaj jajajajaja nooo mamssss had laughed so much I want to make an wennn and the miedooo have notThurs kien breast idiot put d q background of the song Pepe Aguilar fear cage d jajajajaj me laugh so horaaaa average q do the same laugh, look after your money and wait and see ah fart jajajaja q greetings eat fruits vegetables By goldenboy

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