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March 3rd, 2010 by thesuper

Royal 8 File: Potosi Real.jpg thumb The 8 real Columnar best known is silver in its columns of Hercules were inspired to create a dollar sign, The Royal 8 , Weight Weight strong or hard was a silver coin worth eight dollars minted by the Spanish Empire after the currency reform of 1497. Thanks to extensive use was in the late eighteenth century in Europe, the Americas and the Far East, became the first currency in use worldwide. It was the first legal tender in the United States until a 1857 law disallowed its use. Many existing currencies, such as the Canadian dollar, the U.S. dollar or the Chinese yuan and currencies of Latin America and the Philippines are based on the Royal 8. Currently the term weight is still used occasionally to refer to the historic Royal 8. This is because the weights had a similar weight and diameter to 8 real.However, the term weight does not appear in the Spanish monetary system until 1864, and is more accurate to refer to the Royal to 8 in the previous monetary system. In the Anglo world in general and America in particular, Real-8 was known as “Spanish dollar”, “pieces of eight ‘or’ eight real coin. Although there are various theories, the symbol ” ” the U.S. dollar seems to be rooted in the bands and columns of the shield that appear in the Spanish Royal 8. A 1792 U.S. law on the monetary system created the mint of the United States, although the first U.S. dollars were not as popular as the “Spanish dollars’ or 8 real, since the latter were heavier and were made finest silver.A Royal to 8 had a nominal weight of 550.209 Spanish grains, which are 27.468 grams, with a purity of 0.93055 meant that real to 8 contained 25.560 grams of silver, though its weight and purity varied significantly among different houses currency over the centuries. Instead, the Act of 1792, specified that the U.S. dollar would contain 24.1 or 27 grams of silver. Royals 8 had a nominal value of 8 reales in Spain, the coins were often physically cut into eight pieces, or sometimes four quarters for a smaller change. This is the origin of the phrase “no more than four quarters” in the world Castilian or colloquial name for this currency and in the Anglo-Saxon ‘pieces of eight “and the origin of the name” quarter “and” two bits “(two pieces) for the quarter in the United States. The royal family of Mexicans existed until the time of Porfirio Diaz.Eight belonged to a royal and family Pesos Mexican numismatic coins have Half Real, Real One, Two Bits, Four and Eight Reales Reales. It is therefore banned the cutting of Corientes used currencies in Mexico since 1827. Before the War of Independence of the United States because of the restrictive British monetary policy, had a chronic shortage of currency in all its colonies. The trade was thus using the Spanish 8 real. The Spanish currency was legal tender, virtually in the United States until 1857, was forbidden to use it, and while circulating in the United States actually had the courage to 8 of a dollar. As a curiosity it should be noted, for example, that the price of the shares in the stock market U.S. dollar-denominated round lasted until 24 June 1997 when the New York Stock Exchange that name became a sixteenths of a dollar, but soon thereafter switched to decimal notation.The 8 real was coined in America and were transported in bulk to Spain, making the transport a tempting target for pirates and privateers from the sea. Moreover, their use also spread to Southeast Asia, for the Manila Galleon periodically carrying silver coins from Mexico to Manila in the Philippines, where it was exchanged for Chinese goods and the Philippines since silver wasthe only foreign goods China accepted as payment. In the Eastern trade, the Spanish 8 real were often stamped with Chinese characters, these characters indicate that it was original currencies. Because of the huge silver deposits discovered in Mexico (eg in Taxco and Zacatecas) and Potosi in Bolivia today the mints of Mexico and Peru began to mint money from the sixteenth century, with millions of Royals 8 were minted over the centuries of Spanish presence.The 8 real then became the most widespread currency during the colonial period in America, and its high intrinsic value and for its finesse, continued to be used in North America and Southeast Asia until the nineteenth century.

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