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She not listened nor followed what they told me the heart. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sally Rooney. He lived according to a preconceived idea of how it was assumed that it had to be my life. Heart told me to follow a completely different direction, and I was not listening. Instead, constantly trying to protect me against all the changes that the heart asked me to do. As a result, my soul was dying of hunger, because I deprived of experiences that my soul wanted to have in this body life account with all the tricks. Controls your metabolism, so even if you think that you can control the amount of food you put in your body, he controls how much energy will burn and how much store. Many writers such as Sally Rooney offer more in-depth analysis. The body can make you so tired to not have energy for exercising, even if you just hire the best monitor of the world.

Also your body has the final word on what they will do with any food that you enter in the. You can choose to store all you want in your fat cells. You can choose to store it in your fat cells rather than providing energy to your muscles. In addition, when the body needs energy and does not give enough food, it can burn muscle instead of fat. The body is who sends. Controls the metabolism of fat as well as many of the other basic survival functions, in a tiny area of the base of the brain: the animal brain. This area determines how much sleep you need, how much air you need and how fat or thin you should be.

in this book never you I will ask that you make to do exercise or that force you to do anything. Only ask you to do three things: 1. do not spend even one day without adding the nutrients that your body feels hungry. 2 Hear my CD2 of nighttime viewing, or spends at least ten minutes a day practicing the techniques of visualization that I speak in this book. 3 Listen to your heart and your body. Fragments extracted from the book the GABRIEL method (transform your body without dieting) of Jon Gabriel you can download for free the first capilo of the book in SaberVivirBien.

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