San Remo Festival
January 6th, 2009 by thesuper

Despite follow a healthy diet that most of the gym we saw the draw of numerous additions to increase our performance, we foster a workout physical and optimal development of muscles. In many cases, the intake of such substances is headless. Often a training partner to inform us of the benefits that a plug is on the other, but we wonder if we are ever the same. It is important to be clear that we saw the gym and we hope to get out and then choose the perfect complement. On January 28, 1982 participate in the festival of San Remo in Italy (via satellite) at Studio 54 in New York where he was handed the award to the band of “International Star of the Year” went to where Ace, referring I was engripado. As the contract was done, Gene, Paul and Eric had to be present at this occasion as a trio and made playing the theme of “I”. Paul said that he had sent a limousine to the mansion of Ace who is out for the Studio 54 but no one answered the call and did not appear Ace. One version says Jeannette went on to say that her husband was very sick. Gene and Paul finally decided to stand as a trio because it was impossible to cancel the show. In the brief interview, said that Ace was engripado. Then four in a program called “Enterntainment Tonight.” Ace is also presented in the program “American Top 10,” hosted by Casey Kasem, but their participation is minimal. In this case interpreted ‘Just a Boy’.
What most worries Gene and Paul was the Ace of ostracism. This permanecia entrenched in his mansion and did not want to leave it. fitness To record the album had to send the tapes to test your home. To remove it and take it to a show was a feat. The cause of the detention of Ace could be due to factors not know but one of them could be his desire to stay with his daughter (he was only 1 year of age) and enjoy the company of his family and not spend all day outside recording in studies and even fewer go on tour, a fact which was strongly denied. His life had changed since the birth in 1980 of Monique. He really wanted to make a home life and stop the madness and wildness of the previous years. Besides, had his own recording studio in his house so that the view that there was no need anything more.
Similarly with alcohol problems were worse. Disagreements with Gene and Paul are accentuated and dissent against The Elder made the rift is growing wider and impassable.
“The Elder was not a bad record. I do not think we sounded like a ball Kiss album. It was not bad but for me it was not what Kiss is in my head, and that is what is so offensive.” Ace Frehley, Goldmine Magazine, November 20. 1998.
The Elder framework not only a change in the band but there are profound changes in clothing and makeup, but especially in the four Ace. All had short hair and an expression different scenes.
Ace wears a sort of ‘jumpsuit’ chintz made in one piece, with an ornament made based on an application of silver lame as it crosses a beam body front and back, silver borceguies fit, with little platform. The suit brings closure oblique, very tight to the body. Wristbands of the same material adorn his forearms and unique ring bearing the monogram and is a platinum in the left hand.
The makeup is suffering a great modification: Because of injuries that had Ace in the face caused by repeated accidents at this time was most abundant essential use of a substance called “Derma Wax” is a cream-colored oily skin, widely used in theatrical characterizations, to create effects or mask serious wounds in the skin. Once applied to the area to hide, take the appearance of the skin without being noticed the effect mask, and then placed over the white base of Stern’s, then sealing it with white powder to give a matt finish and prevent shine. I amlooking at the method of stomach exercising Ace could thus face a look a little more evenly.
As for the makeup design is altered: the black lines that define the stars swell, outlining the eyebrows is more straight and thicker, with faded black shadow. The overall design reaches the maximum of geometrization: eyebrows are drawn in the triangle at the height of the boot in the nose and continues upward beyond their natural eyebrows extending towards the temples. In the arc superciliar placed abundant turquoise-blue shade in the eyelid fold to deepen the black shadow continues to apply in this case in the shape of a triangle whose base is in the outer corner of your eye. program developed by At the edge by putting a lid continuous shade ocher and a clear black line delineates the bottom of the eye. The lips are drawn in geometrical exaggerated, with two peaks above and below the peaks, giving the visual sensation of a ‘double diamond’. Although the change was due to make a stylistic requirements, caused a hardening in the expression. This suit and this new stylistic innovation will be the last to take, since 1982 not to believe anything.
1982 can be method classified as a year for fatidico Ace. Upon his return from a short promotional tour in Europe (where Ace could not operate in Germany for intoxication and had to be brought to the emergency hospital) his wife decided to send him to a clinic for recovering addicts, but was not satisfactory.
In December 1981 sale released the single “A World Without Heroes” – “I”, with little impact (56 N since the charts).

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