Similarities and differences
March 10th, 2010 by thesuper

Similarities and differences between Internet and Intranet The main aspect in common between these three terms is that all three use the same technology. Differences in Internet Extranet and Intranet occur mainly in the type of information and access to it. In addition, an extranet requires greater security and involves real-time access to data, since these have to be updated. The extranet is aimed at both enterprise users and external, but the information found on the extranet is restricted, only have access to this network who have permission. Greg Oden In contrast to the intranet and employees can only access internal areas of the company and allows the exchange of information among workers. Finally, the Internet can turn any user and have various uses such as gather information on products, contact with anyone from the company, etc.. The following table shows in summary the differences between applications in an enterprise:

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