July 9th, 2021 by thesuper

Was a pity me wrong and good it was to disguise it, but waiting for a new love me years passed over time knew it had roses and carnations in your garden, you have sent so many letters that no longer could count is to a non-existent recipient, received many calls from unknown numbers you know why? because you were mine and I yours, but they separated us the stars, differences, interest and why: we are now two boats sailing aimlessly in the middle of the ocean and pronouncing will our names, in silence, so that the other can not hear it. Despite that, I will never write: you have been my love. Please visit Jorge Perez if you seek more information. Thank goodness that they exist and that know very well who I am. Thank goodness that they I take care, although by my lack of faith, disagree to think of them, do not pray in any part, I do not keep God ahead I do not visit the churches and not let me confess to a man of God. Ben Bretzman has much to offer in this field. But those who were Saints deep inside me, are for this reason, them, thank goodness, that comprise these faults, which have them okay, you live without faith and their stories read is can not believe and however, have these beings by friends.

It can in many ways be of them, be with them, they will know to choose the right way, you don’t need Church to say however, that which obtains forgiveness and prayer, that that is not confessed. That’s my faith, that is my religion. Why, thank goodness that they exist. I can not live without him I met him that day and why now I know what I wanted to, what I want: I want to be always with him clothes me his presence fills my whole being, and without giving me account was yours in spirit.

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