Stream Business
September 7th, 2021 by thesuper

It's almost a "stream" business. Corr.: – But, for example, in the same St. Petersburg is different. Why so? VK: – Peter – city travel. The priority for hotels in attracting living comfort those who come to relax, enjoy the historical and cultural monuments. Vanessa Marcil wanted to know more. There's more home-hotels, where guests shoot cozy.

As a "service" – a bar, small restaurant with home cooking. In fact, not created "hotel", and some almost familiar atmosphere. And the service at the same time seeks to create comfort for holidaymakers. Or, for example, mini-hotels next to historic sites – these oases culture, history and serenity. They are often decorated in the spirit of the monument, next to which are. Corr.: – But in Moscow, too many tourists come. Why is there such ideas are not taken root? VK: – Any idea did not take root when it is not necessary.

Moscow – even historic – first and foremost is the business metropolis, and come here, mostly business people who are not up to the self-cooking and home decor. Even if they go to rest, then rest at an appropriate level – lunch at the restaurant, evening entertainment area. The capital, after all. And from the hotels themselves are expected to completely different conditions. Corr.: – A mini-hotels? Is Moscow a little historical sites? VK: – The capital always an acute shortage of space and the struggle for territory for offices, companies … It turns out that quite well-known places, next to which one could build a hotel, in fact.

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