Syriana and the reality of the CIA
May 4th, 2010 by thesuper

In the fog conspiracy to Abu Ghraib and the “hidden sites” Syriana and the reality of the CIA English translated for Rebeli n by Leyens Germain When I first met former CIA agent in Washington DC, I thought the guy did not look anything like George Clooney.But Clooney, who won an Academy Award representing Baer in the film Syriana, was really captured something of the position, the pathos, the despair of a CIA man who spends too many years in the field-soiled in the mud peculiar Middle East, no less, risking his life and being shunned by doing so. Clooney in the film riding a bicycle between the costumes in Langley, bureaucracy in their cubicles, and it seems like the only sane man in a mental health facility. So it was with Bob Baer in Washington, unfamiliar terrain, “a city of lunatics,” he said. He had returned home in the west, to the small mountain village of Silverton, and when I found it there a few months later, I took a great tour.Silverton is a mining outpost turned tourist attraction, but continues to resonate with the ways of men maverick silver extracted soil in search of a reef and do not like to intrude the authorities. The town is reached by causeways where the tractor-trailers regularly fall into the ditches in winter, and has only one paved street, Main Street, and a church with crosses upside down. Several residents, “he said Baer, are licensed to own fully automatic machine guns. “It’s to shoot the black helicopters,” he laughed, but did not seem to be joking. The locals tell me that the place has a tendency to get “people who screwed up in some other life and coming here to be nobody.” I think Bob Baer came here in part because the CIA said had put the leg. Maybe so. Depends on who you talk in this business. So it must be when it comes to professional liars. For perhaps the agency that screwed up, seems to be a custom of the CIA, the kind of habit that al Qaeda does not see the horizon, the country bogged down in Iraq, which makes one wonder, as a citizen you pay your taxes, if the agency in its current incarnation has another reason to be wasting your money. It’s something that can generate complaints from citizens in Silverton. Robert Baer spent 21 years of his life to the Central Intelligence Agency held since 1976, at age 22. He was a believer. He was trained to blow things-the tradition of covert action for which the CIA was born, and more importantly, to ensure that do not fly to the U.S.. He was trained to listen, observe, take notes. He rushed to the cities of the Middle East, learned the game of espionage, he learned to cheat and deceive and be someone else, he perfected his Arabic, he grew his black beard, tanned skin.Middle East was the crucible and finally obsession. He became so good that passed as native, wandered in Beirut in the eighties during the civil war that ravaged Lebanon, with a headband that said, in the calligraphy of the Qur’an, “We want the Martyrdom .

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