Jogging – Where To Start ?
Jun 25th, 2011 by thesuper

Probably, jogging, new fans. For the avoidance of common errors in this article provides basic tips and advice on Recording jogging, proven experience of half a century. Jogging, aerobic running or jogging (the American) – the most common means of recreation in the world. Millions of people around the world, with morning or evening runs, have found good health. Indeed, under the concept of "race" lies a surprising phenomenon. In one case – etoidealnoe means of physical perfection, allowing the strongest athletes of the planet reaches the limits of human performance (sports running). In another run – this is elixir of life, a fantastic healing power.

This race is called wellness or aerobic, or jogging, even – Healing. With the proper treatment of jogging, he will bestow any joy, true bliss good health, high performance and active longevity. Realizing that jogging is to make friends for life, you need to immediately legalize the only two major rules. Rule number 1 – the smoothness and gradualism. Only slowly and gradually to move from probeganiya few tens of meters to one hundred, two, three hundred meters, etc. We, at his birth, spare parts, do not get.

Yes, and then they were nowhere otyschesh. Therefore, we must literally "sneak up" to each regular exercise. Just getting used to one, you can begin to master the longer run. "Climbing up, as on top of a vertical cliff, slowly and carefully, step by step, but true. Often jogging pushes human health deterioration. During the years of sedentary living his whole body, muscles, ligaments, joints, heart (also a muscle) decrepit.

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