The People
Apr 3rd, 2024 by thesuper

To far to walk, take a publishing house. I have previously published a regional newspaper, is now a federal magazine. It turns out that the print factory newspaper (and not just media, but almost any printing) in Moscow and to deliver to distant cities is cheaper than print it directly (I myself am not from Moscow). If you deal with this issue seriously, then we can find the cheapest printing at the same quality. Of course, this should not be an urgent print because Ships from Moscow will take 7-10 days. But non-emergency orders in any city in the roof.

What do we do? We are looking for and negotiate with the best printing press (in terms of price / quality) that you give them will be to supply customers. For this you will receive a percentage of sales. Then you negotiate with shipping companies to find out exactly the terms and prices. That's it! Now you have a product. You do not need credit, was not and be hemorrhoids with staff, business costs and other difficulties. The product appears as if by magic during the 2-3 days.

Their mark-ups you do not! Just get a percentage, as a freelance manager sales. Now we need to find a sale! For this we need to call in all print media of various cities. And to offer the highest quality at the lowest price. In many regions there is still no high-quality color printing in the newspapers! Several hundred sighting calls and you will have a database of customers. You have to transfer them to the printer and receive regular royalty on sales. After the sale will go monthly or other intervals, but with intervals. A work need not so much. Even if you get only 5-10%, it will be tens of thousands of rubles from a large order (a small deal is not necessary). 10 clients will be given a regular cash flow of hundreds of thousands of rubles. Its percentage will be available and how nat. person, and you can register as individual entrepreneurs and pay only 6% of income. Thus it is possible a lot of products and services to remove from the capital to the regions or vice versa. Choose on taste and color. Sell products that solve people's problems, and all you will be fine! No risk. Just grab and check. And do not forget to buy the magazine. He does not impose a pattern, it destroys them! And of course in the journal shows different paths that lead to where many people want and can get into, but not many go. I wish you every success on behalf of all the people who worked on the magazine, "I want my business." Buy – you will not regret!

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