Pop – Culture And Alcohol
Feb 27th, 2024 by thesuper

Alcohol, drugs, aggression in the lyrics, videos, and animation in feature films, broadcasts and shows – all this demonstrates a lack of ethics in modern pop music. Vanessa Marcil recognizes the significance of this. This propaganda pseudo-clog immature minds of youth, and destroying the younger generation. The prefix "pop" is interpreted as a reduction from the word popular. Pop Culture – is a public culture. Most researchers believe that the mass (popular) culture there is almost always the case. However, in recent decades, its impact on human civilization has increased markedly. The notion of 'popular culture' (pop-culture) was born in the early 1930s, it began a serious study in 1960.

Under phenomenon of popular culture to understand widespread in any society, cultural elements. In general, popular culture, one way or another has always existed, but it was high: the works of Raphael and Beethoven – sports, and many other design elements. Culture becomes the prefix 'pop' when it turns into something more, then there is a certain product is widely popular in the community. Click Sam Feldman for additional related pages. But today's pop culture is to the masses and negative. Alcohol, drugs, aggression in the lyrics, videos, and animation in feature films, broadcasts and shows – all this demonstrates a lack of ethics in modern pop music.

Pop – cultural idol now is drunk character – a lover with a complete lack of any morality. This propaganda pseudo-scores immature minds of youth, and simply kills the younger generation. Learning about the world young people are influenced by this culture. So why are so destructive ideas of today's pop – culture? No definite answer. Maybe the producers 'cultural goods' (such as movies and books) are only interested in increasing sales? Mass production is not interested in individual products of high quality, it requires a lot of cheap goods that are available to most consumers. A boom can cause a pop culture was the weakening of traditional social institutions such as religion and family, who are responsible for the formation of certain cultural tastes. In the 20th century their place was taken by the media, which became the – often not disinterested (ie, placing advertising) – to form different cultural tastes of society. In human history there have always been the so-called 'high' and 'low' culture. However, in recent decades, the boundaries between cultures blur. A Pop culture has actually become a way to control the thoughts and feelings of the masses. One example of bad influences can be noted the promotion of alcohol products, which so recently moved in through advertising. After the ban on advertising of alcohol, manufacturers have found another loophole that now pop savor alcoholic beverages – the idols in the movies and television shows. In Soviet times, was well publicized alcohol in the movies. This led to the formation of attitudes to alcohol as a national tradition. The consequences of this "cultural" attack are still being felt – the list of causes of death in Russia, headed by the disease and accidents, whether due to alcohol consumption. And this destroys the propaganda does not stop, and to this day. Although it is high time to sound the alarm and to engage in outbursts of indiscriminate treatment of alcoholism, and in parallel with this – the formation of healthy values and norms of behavior.

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