Romulo Augustus
Dec 12th, 2021 by thesuper

Very interesting history of their origin and thus outlined, that Naples was built miles of an existing city, Partenope or rise (old city). In Greek mythology Partenope was the youngest of the three sirens who tried with their chants seduced Odysseus, who was attached to the main mast became so few mortals enjoy beautiful edges without dying then drowned from the rocks of Capri. Siren, desperate, drowned Pena and his body arrived at the coast of the old city. Greek colonists, however, preferred to a nearby area that baptized as? ????? o ??????? (pronounced Nea Polis), the new town. Later the term in napolitano went on to pronounce Napule and Italian, Napoli.

There are many places to visit in Naples. which to enjoy intensely must at least stay four or five days couple walking through its plazas, waterfront, museums, streets, theater, and since then churches and savour the variety of meals. It is very true when indicated, Naples is particularly famous for its castles, palaces and museums.One can hacedr uses of their bus tour that lead to the most visited places. The Castel dell Ovo (Castle of the egg) is part of the beautiful panorama of the Gulf. He is so called because, according to legend, Virgil would have hidden in the interior of the Castle an egg that could bear the structure of the building, and that, break, it would lead to the sinking of the fortress, and that the city would suffer major disasters.

It is located on the islet of Megaride, where in the 7th century a. C. landed the Cumans who founded Partenope. The castle was part of the villa of the Roman Lucio Licinio Luculo, which was fortified by Valentinian III and which housed the deposed Romulo Augustus, last Roman Emperor, died shortly thereafter. Luxury villa in Empire, fortified in the 5th century and razed by the Neapolitans themselves in the 10th century to prevent their capture by the Saracens.

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