Loving Confidence
Nov 2nd, 2013 by thesuper

Jealous is a loving … How often do we hear that phrase. And really loves? Jealousy, accusations, insults, scandals, sometimes up to battering. Who needs this kind of love? What kind of love do we need? Many people love – it's persistent stereotype in the form of frames of film: romantic dates, flowers, sparkling eyes, sparkling passion, a march by Mendelssohn and at the end of the frame – a kiss on Valentine's cementing forever! The curtain falls for him and begins very different movie, with all its problems, different nuances, and most importantly, life. Love for each other, it is not strong statements like, "I love you so much, you're the best person in the world!". True love, in largely invisible, it just warms the soul, and gives a sense of security. This is when your loved one will support you in a difficult moment, cheer up, take your act either, and sometimes not say anything when you're wrong, you can yield, very caring, not once, but constantly, day in den.Lyubov constructed from just such small bricks, and in the end it turns out, a thick masonry and cementing solution is confidence in each other. If there is no trust, the whole wall crumbles and the relationship without trust is doomed to failure. And more often jealousy arises when there is trust and confidence in your partner. Where does it come from, this jealousy, why some have it, and the other is not in sight? Let's start with confidence, if a person is 100% confident in their strengths, in your favorite person, he would never be jealous.

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