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Wundt says that primitive man had not the slightest idea of the principle of natural causality. To him the phenomena were family or surprising; ordinary or extraordinary, normal or abnormal, expected or unexpected, natural or not natural and therefore, understandable or incomprehensible. The natural and ordinary no surprise, so it does not stimulate the attention intelligence, and not require any explanation. Instead the unexpected and not natural phenomena require its justification and explanation, being the only given by the wild, is that if something happens is that someone has produced it. Man is the only one who has the power to perform acts and give rise to certain actions. The menera operate of these man called Magi, is not normal and current they inspired great respect from the first moments, and taking into account the mysterious nature of its operations, was considered the result as a wonder.

While is He attributed the cause to a man, the phenomenon is called magic, and when came from a God, miracle. The miraculous as facts: rapid changes of fortune, health, illness, death, the great joys, originally attributed to the power of some men that act at a distance. For Wundt origin of magic has to be sought on the assumption of the primitive that only man has the power to make things and produce actions. For Hubbert and Mauss, magic is a collective belief, a social fact. Belief in magic is in certain moments of general in all peoples, and non-exclusive social evolution of an ignorant majority.

Every time the society sees disturbed their March by phenomena that apparently upset the order of things, such as droughts, wars, deaths, meteors, abnormal individuals, etc. In each of these moments, in each extraordinary perception, society hesitates, looks for and expected. This attitude is cause that abnormal is mana, is say produced by magic or magical. The Mission of the magician is channelling this force through the rites, condemn it in one spot and use it for their purposes. This force is called mana for the Melanesians, kramal among the Malays. I invite you to know the entertainment section; How to perform spells, spells for love and white magic; In addition to other topics and sections relating to sports, computing, health, painting, languages and more; articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development.

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