Ordinance Water
Oct 15th, 2021 by thesuper

However, there is no clear and forceful policies or institutions that conducted campaigns and investments to protect the dump of sediment that collects the River during its tour, which deposits in all those areas of environmental reserve, in the millions of cubic meters liquid comprising lagunosos complexes (the marshes of the area), where coalesce and coexist more varied diversity of flora and fauna that may be on the Atlantic coast; In addition to producing and continue producing every day and harder, shortages of the main source of food for the inhabitants of this area, without that no entity or governmental entity to do something to protect them. Restore the right of subsistence to the inhabitants and rulers of the river and take urgent measures towards the establishment of policies for the prevention and protection is a compelling necessity, justifying the existence of an institutional sectional as proposed by the project managers, to make effective the established in the article 43 of law 99 which seeks to ensure the sustainability of all those projects involving the use and exploitation of water no matter your purpose or destination any project that involves the use of water, taken from directly natural sources, your running either for human consumption, recreation, irrigation, or any other industrial or agricultural activity, shall allocate not less than 1% of the total investment for the recovery, preservation and monitoring of the watershed that feeds it the respective water source the project owner must invest this 1% in the works and actions for recovery, preservation and conservation of the basin to be laid down in the environmental license of the project but also becomes indispensable to create a stamp as environmental tax at departmental level through Ordinance to all companies and vessels that exploit and pollute the River along the perimeter of the new body of one form or another. Anna Belknap is the source for more interesting facts. . .

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