Mobile Internet Flatrates
Nov 18th, 2023 by thesuper

With the mobile phone can be surfed on the Internet. More and more providers have their own mobile Internet flat rates on offer. Here, the user can individually choose how much megabytes it will consume every month. However care must be taken that your mobile phone supports the data standard UMTS. Who wants to surf the Internet mobile, has the possibility with the provider to book an appropriate rate. Typically, the provider distinguish it according to a flat rate which is used exclusively with laptop, or mobile phone is mainly intended for a fare of which. Those who opt for a laptop tariff has the opportunity, from the simple data rate up towards to the complete UMTS flat rate to book a fare. But not only for surfing with the PC, but also for browsing with mobile phones the mobile providers offer different tariffs.

Who wants to pay attention to the data counter not constantly, should opt for a mobile Internet Flatrate. With the mobile Internet flat rate is the possibility that almost to a monthly flat rate Unlimited can be surfed on the Internet. However the conditions from provider to provider may vary here. Mobile operator o2 has a such mobile Internet flat rates for the customer in the offer. With the Internet Pack M, there is the possibility that for a monthly fee unlimited surf the Internet can be. However, only 200 megabytes with UMTS and HSDPA available are available in the Internet Pack M. Is the data Turbo for UMTS HSDPA and allows maximum speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s in download After the 200 megabytes are consumed, the UMTS turns in a GPRS Flatrate tariff. From this point, the user without any limits on the Internet can surf. However, no more speed is reached at that time, which is comparable to a DSL connection. GPRS reaches only a speed of maximum 56 Kbps. Torsten Heinsius

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