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WHEN BEGINNING TO PSYCHOANALYZE YOU? Many of you have thought about psychoanalyze you. If you’ve never gone to action, the reasons may be several. Sometimes one wonders do need it? There are several possible answers to this question. By the same author: Larry Culp. There are times that the need is acute, that life goes slowly wrenched, and first I do not write, because I don’t feel like, then as just nothing, leave me like the things that I liked before, or it does months I do love with my wife, or all the nights I wake up abruptly empadada in a cold sweat, I cannot have orgasm, or I’m afraid of everything, or. Humans have a capacity to generate mechanisms of adaptation to disease so huge that what would be totally pathological in other people, not us it seems in ourselves. We are accustomed to the symptom. But deep down, we know that something happens to us. Make no mistake, it is necessary to consult.

Another possible answer would be: if I thought about it, if I thought at some point: and if I psicoanalizara?, is that I want to. Since Marx We know that the man has material needs, but also have needs on the order of fantasy. No one doubts that a child needs to play, and however, it is not a necessity in the order in which usually it understand. To psychoanalyze you, you don’t have to be sick, and just wishing it, it is better not to reach a disease to need it. Common excuses are: I have No time.

Psychoanalysis is a desire-producing machine, to deprive the patient of the symptom, leave all that free energy at its disposal to face everyday life. Producing desire is to produce a new time. It is very expensive, Freud already said that more expensive is the illness, and the silly. It is very long, in general, who says that is because I would like to stay long time in analysis once started. In reality, the improvement is noticeable from the first sessions, and what if it’s really long is suffering from a mental illness, which if I do not psicoanalizo me, will sometimes for life, as feudal marriages. I am not crazy and who asked him? If you say: I’m not crazy, it is something rare feels, and also no need to be mad to psychoanalyze you. Perhaps he fears that others think that he is crazy because it psicoanaliza? Sometimes say it handles more our lives our own wish. That would only now be a reason for consultation. I prefer not to speak of the terrible things that go. So why happen, because it represses them, because you don’t want to talk about them where appropriate, before a psychoanalyst specialized listening. In a nutshell: the time to consult a psychoanalyst is the moment in which I think that I would, I am curious why I need it, want it. And there are no contraindications to psychoanalyze you. You can do everything that you want it or need it.

High School Music
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Since last Thursday, November 5 series of Fox Glee, which has proved to be a success in the United States, where has awakened an unexpected boom thanks to its original theme, in which the protagonists are the least adjusted the parameters of beauty or success, which we are accustomed American series premiered in Latin America. Series where a group of just losers seeks to form the musical group in his high school, overcoming the fear of ridicule and with the firm intention not to pass more unnoticed whatever it takes, has received the best reviews and with only his chapter on premiere in an unprecedented event, came to receive 3 nominations at this year’s Teen Choice Awards. The series, as it was not a long time, manages to break the paradigms of series in this case of teen musicals, and this is possible thanks to the vision of its producer Ryan Murphy, which many say nothing his name, however when speaking of shows such as Nip/Tuck, we can already recognize because Murphy has been catalogued as one of the producers more original and outstanding in the current entertainment industry. Acceptance of the series has been total, and already it is forecast that the cast of the series will have secured a concert tour throughout United States, and to increase the expectation, already sold his first cd with songs that will be in the first season. The bet of the Fox for his new project has been such that even not thought twice when they took the decision to delay the transmission of the speech by President Barack Obama on health reform, when for the bad luck of the mandatary, coincided with the transmission of the second chapter of the series. Glee seems destined to become a mass phenomenon, proposing a story more grounded with the reality of teens, and away from the perfect fussiness of series such as High School Musical and its similar, which can even be direct victims in the fight for the rating and the river of fans who have been accustomed..

Guadalquivir River
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Singapore (March 30), global site of hotel reservations with base in Asia and part of (NASDAQ:PLCN), announced special offers for the April fair of Seville, which will be conducted in the dazzling capital of Andalusia. The April fair of Seville takes place two weeks after Easter and is one of the most famous events in Spain. In contrast to the solemn processions of Holy week, the April fair of Seville (1 to 8 May) is surrounded by an atmosphere of celebration, where the most exciting traditions of the region are displayed. During the celebration, which extends for a week, the fairgrounds of the ride’s horses in the eastern margin of the Guadalquivir River, is home to more than a thousand huts. These casetas belong to prominent families, companies and clubs, and each presents its own entertainment program that includes a variety of dances, drinks and meals. During the night the fair surrenders to the charms of the sevillanas, a lively folk dance similar to flamenco. Every day the festivities begin with a colorful procession of horses and carriages.

In each of the carriages Seville women take out their best Flamenco costumes and men their immaculate traditional costumes. After the procession the Sevillians returning to the booths and enjoy long nights of tumultuous fun. Many booths will continue holiday in true Sevillian style overnight until well past dawn. Those who visit Sevilla during this period may add to the fun in one of the many public houses. Beyond of the charms that keeps the ride’s horses, Seville has much to offer to travelers. Visitors can explore the historical places of the city, as well as its art and architecture, or enjoy the popular charms of the city such as bullfighting, tapas bars or encourage one of the two football teams in Valencia. Among the tourist attractions that visitors should not miss are the Real Alcazar, a Moorish Fort converted into Palace; the Cathedral of Seville and the Bell Tower of the Giralda.

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