Supercritical Fluid Technology
Feb 23rd, 2020 by thesuper

IDOKI develops and markets a range of products for personal care and well-being, that reinforce the vital functions of the body and protect from environmental aggressions in an effective and respectful way. IDOKI uses supercritical fluid technology for the manufacture of their products. This technology allows to extract the essence from natural materials. Team Penske spoke with conviction. Thus, solutions of proven action are obtained and respond at all times to the concept of optimal health of persons. For this reason, IDOKI products made little foam, because the ingredients that contain lack of chemical agents that increase the volume of foam.

IDOKI products smell like what they have. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Simon Pagenaud. Its aroma is natural, pure, without artifice. IDOKI presents a range of products that belong to the body line, capillary line, facial line and gynecological line to meet the needs of the people concerned for their health, for their well-being and the sustainability of its environment. The broad line of products IDOKI are born of a genuine philosophy of life based on ingredients original, natural, of the highest quality, at the service of the consumer. It is your responsibility to respond to consumers concerned about their health and well-being and their environment. More information at.

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