Aquarium Water
Oct 25th, 2019 by thesuper

Increasingly, the homes of people can see the aquarium. Well if it is done correctly and pleases the eye, but there are occasions when, for unknown reasons, the balance is disturbed and the fish or the plants will start to hurt. Often people neglected such important parameters as the acidity of water. And this should know and remember. The value of the acidity of water (abbreviated as it is called pH) is the result of the content of all dissolved in the water acidic and alkaline substances. If you are not convinced, visit jason iley. This value is logarithmic, ie, the change in pH, for example from 6 to 7, means a ten-fold, and the change of two units – a hundredfold change in concentration. Classify water at pH value can be read way: a strongly ___ 1 – 3 Neutral ___ 7 ___ strongly alkaline 10 – 14 Acidity is very unstable, varying even within a day. Additional information is available at Ben Bretzman.

For example, the morning of pH in the tank falls sharply due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in water, emitted by plants and fish, and in the evening, on the contrary, increases due to increased consumption of its plants. Acidic and strongly acidic, as well as alkaline and highly alkaline, the water is unsuitable for aquarium fish. Moreover, significant deviation from the normal pH of ending the death of some fish. Requirements for the protection of fish life-cycle change. Thus, for the period of their growth needs water to one measure of acidity, but at the moment reproduction – to the other.

The Instructor
Aug 2nd, 2012 by thesuper

If you weigh over 85 kg, notify your instructor so he could pick up under your horse. What better to wear? The first time you can do in normal clothes. Best fit jeans and boots at low bottom with a heel no more than 3-4 cm Clothes should not hamper the movement. If you decide to engage in horse riding seriously, then you should go to a specialty store that can help you find the right gear: helmet, gloves, breeches, boots or shoes with leggings. And then came the day when you come to the stables.

How did themselves should be conducted to be here? First, be sure to wait for the instructor and clearly follow the instructions. As a rule, Each barn is not only good but also aggressive horse, so do not rush to approach the first that fell beast – it is unknown what his temper. If your experience with horses is very small, it is better not to stay with horse one on one. And never approach the horse from behind, she can kick! Do not hesitate to ask the instructor even the most absurd, in your opinion matters. To feed a horse can only with permission of the instructor and only what he permit. Serve refreshments to be with an open palm. Do not run the stables and do not break the silence, as the horses pretty shy animals. Loud noises and sudden movements frighten them. If you arrived at the stables with the child, keep its next to him and not an eye on him, no one knows where will his curiosity.

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