Ibiza Airport
Oct 13th, 2021 by thesuper

Spain is a country full of very nice tourist sites. For touring the country there are many alternatives, you can make scales with buses or trains, including by plane, but surely there is no better alternative for those who visit from reaching the country, do aboard a rented car both locals who do not have own vehicle. In car traveler can choose the itinerary you want, controlling schedules that best suit the needs of each one and making, in short what each one wants, knowing each site when it pleases. There are companies dedicated to the car rental in various parts of the country. This makes everything more feasible when it comes to traveling, since for example if one opts for the car rental in Seville, you can resort to such companies, knowing that you will walk on a car that delivers security and confidence, for as long that fix.

Newcomer e.g. tourists may also choose to take one of these services, as for example is the possibility of requesting a car rental in the Ibiza Airport, that getting off the plane just one already can leave the airport aboard a front-line car, to be able to so, travel much more comfortable the rest of the holidays. Without doubts an option to take into account when deciding to travel through the wonderful Spanish territory, which both have to provide not only for the foreign traveler, but to locals, many times do not know Wonderland he proposes his own land, being time already beginning to discover them. Original author and source of the article

Latin America
Apr 4th, 2014 by thesuper

Accept what comes to you total and completely so that you can appreciate it and learn it, then let it go. While we have life, surprises can occur at any time, leading to what is known as an opportunity, especially when you least expect it, so situations occur which become decisive factors in our existence. Personally, I never thought being from another continent very far away from Latin America, which should one day would visit Brindisi, exactly 11 years ago, comes to that city by a twist of fate, I found it to who today joins me in this life that has been given to me as a second chance, since I already had my first test, as it was being in a coma nine days and having me given the opportunity to return to this planetbeing for doctors that they served me a miracle, indeed, that I never thought that shortly after my back flirting with death in other dimensions I had the opportunity to go to Italy, although I confess my interest was Spain, specifically to the captivating Barcelona, fact that could not be performed by not having availability of passage to the time that had proposed me, and thus arrive at Brindisi the first time, being decisive that visit, because it made me make a new home with someone met whom in that city and that for the first time we wereat least in this dimension, probably our souls already knew and touched us again to share these physical forms that you gave us, to solve some outstanding debts that we not solved, in other opportunities that called Karma that all bring. The fact, that already in those eleven years, are four times that I have returned to Brindisi, just return a few days ago, I was a good time for the city to whom I had the opportunity to get to know better, enjoy its landscapes, its tranquility, its sea, its food, fruits, and especially his joy, tranquility, security in transit through its cobbled streets and most of allgo in late for its Boardwalk, very visited, quaint, clean, with many quiet that really makes you enjoy the moment, all the contrary of the country where I live, that this time passes by much insecurity, violence, uncertainty, wave of abductions, as also is the beautiful Venezuela.

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