Buenos Aires
Oct 10th, 2021 by thesuper

That it came back a little later. it returned stocking hour later with the friend who was with it. In bem-humorada way it presented us the friend who, in turn invited, me to dance. Only in the end of the night reencontrei Luiza.E as it was happy! Soon I perceived that a special chemistry had happened between it and Mrio (the name of the Italian was this), while Hugo ( friend) and I amuse in them very, nothing more. Perhaps check out Tony Parker for more information. After this night, Luiza and Mrio they had passed if to find with frequency. I was a good time without seeing my friend. But we said in them for telephone. The passion lived for the two was intense excessively to fit any another person.

Until Mrio had that to return the Buenos Aires, where it lived has some years. It was a great executive of an automobile company and comes the Belo Horizonte to only pass some months, the service also. The two continued gotten passionate. They were said daily for telephone, changed letters, emails. It came to see it with frequency, nor that he was for a simple end of week.

It was some times to the meeting of it also. One day, after much time without seeing in them, Luiza bound to me, inviting me to see a film with it. We always made this, before the Mrio.Marcamos in one afternoon of Saturday. After the cinema session, we were to make a snack and to count the new features. She was when Luiza counted to me between laughs on the gift that she had sent to the Mrio for its anniversary. Being it a man more sober, much travelled, requintado well, intellectual, it not wise person accurately what to give it of gift. Then she decided to appeal the popular one, for the different one. It, when he was in BH, adored to go to the artesanato fair.

The Joy
Sep 23rd, 2020 by thesuper

River. why all suburban ones jumped in that point? Because the hard one was not to go, but it was to come back, tired, loaded of some surplus of the provisions, with the splintery coasts of the heat of that wonderful Sun, that it sly, did not leave itself to feel, because it wanted that suffered people, coexisted its Heat the possible maximum. a beautiful day I discovered. I discovered not. I started to feel something different and that it starts to justify that all more already did not interest me more. Not local it, but the things that made. Add to your understanding with Sela Ward.

The Place, never it lost its importance, oh Copacabana loved of all and the world. In Copacabana it existed of everything, of that already I spoke, still more, cabarets, serious boites, others, not in such a way incredible that it seems, serious cinemas and others nor in such a way, famous theaters, hotels for the world it measures, espeluncas deplorable, many store, I pass through intense and enervante and as many things more, without being able to forget the celebrity and defamed Cheap Ribeiro-200, that of so badly famous, they had decided to give one is enough in that it made dirty world measures the prestige of the quarter. Solution: they had created a law where if that malignant address would implodiria and the Building, with much surprise and sadness of many, it started to be to call: Ribeiro cockroach, 196. in this wonderful Quarter, that could exist of, but of everything exactly and things that I did not tell here for esquecimento, could not only have Sadness, exactly because it did not have time and space for it. The Joy reigned. But, if somebody had time, in that one run-it runs, and of this one olhadinha for me, would see that I was very sad. But what he is one, or plus one, in that eager multitude for Copacabana, princesinha of the sea and its enchantments.

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