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The world is in a state of relative rest, and, consequently, in the balance: positive and negative, good and evil, health and disease, the creation and destruction. Make the right decision which side to represent or used to achieve a particular goal, is entirely dependent on human or derived from its past incarnations. A man’s choice affects both the present and for future generations and incarnations, defining a measure of encouragement, punishment or retribution. I, starting in childhood to heal from domestic or wild animals, as adults, began to heal, and people. This paved the the way my life and, without interrupting the connection with nature, she continued her studies with her. The baton of knowledge and respect for Nature, I was given my parents by teaching at the same time as its benefits and abundance. “Do not tear, do not break, and the soot and help, and return will come. Hurt – not just run for help, but will make the plantain leaf, and the temperature – drink a glass of lime tea, got a little sunburn – smazh sour cream, and with more severe burns – be able to his own urine.

” Generations accumulated human knowledge and wisdom. So I’m getting acquainted with a large literature devoted to the healing of different countries and cultures, and found that many of the listed methods and recipes known to me from an early age from my parents. For example, keep a bag of salt under the mattress of the child. Salt absorbs negative information that could affect the baby. K salt as a crystal, a special relationship with many nations, ranging from omens and superstitions, and ending source of essential nutritional minerals. Remember spilled salt – to be a quarrel.

If the salt is really absorber of negative energy is scattered, it leads to release those emotions that were previously soak it well. Part of superstitions, we are able to explain how scientific, and with life’s hand, and the roots of other lost in the mists of time. Do all remember how the cured TB? Since time immemorial, it is known that mare’s milk – a drink made from horse milk – drink a healing of tuberculosis. The combination of mountain air with a drink kumiss leads to recovery. And what about walking barefoot on the morning dew, if in addition it is possible to lie on the grass. Communion with nature must become the norm, to be included in the daily diet, not a holiday or a Sunday overkill. Do not be afraid approach to trees and touch them, stroking his trunks. Talk to the trees, flowers and animals, and you will get answers to all your concerns. Let your soul touch with nature, and life-giving energy necessary for a speedy recovery, or come from space or from depths of the earth. The blessing of nature to the knowledge of the laws and wisdom – is an expression of her love for the seeker of truth, and not everyone has given it. Holders the knowledge to treat them very carefully and send only worthy of this knowledge. Comments Off on Generations

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