Merino Mariano
Nov 3rd, 2021 by thesuper

While we believe in them, we also live based on them. Therefore it is important to us is drawn to pay attention to their thoughts, the thoughts that are around in your head and see how they have to live the life of a friendly, confident and optimistic way or live life with fear and limitations. Of course to determine its scope, limitations, implications, we should get to know us, know how we act, where are our weaknesses and strengths, how we behave, we manage our emotions, feelings. There are those who have other opinions to the respect the positivity and negativity of thoughts, such is the case thinking of Merino Mariano points out, that we must be clear that the mind, like it or not, you’re always thinking, you are always creating thoughts, and mind not interested what sign are. Perhaps check out Jenifer Aniston for more information. Simply create them. Just meditation activities are to placate this crazy mind race and achieve that State of mind blank that makes us relax and then transcend. Thoughts are not positive, negative, or neutral.

They are thoughts, nothing more. When do we achieve that State of thinking positively? Only on one occasion: when we are living fully the here and now. When we enjoy the fact of being and. When is our mind far, far away, thinking in what was – the past – and what’s to come – the future-. In those moments, here and now, will be the positive that we would like to be. And we enjoy it and we succeed, we will win, we will sell. If we want to be positive with our little son, we not make the mistake of thinking in the past or in the future while you play with him in our arms; think only of him, dedicating ourselves to him exclusively. Let us not make the error voiding by our small in moments in which receives our affection; We do damage to him and to ourselves we do us.

And when we are in the process of selling, consider selling, nothing more. You can see that We will enjoy every moment and every moment will return the favor with blessings. Since then, respecting the opinion, however, once again, this can be that being attentive as Zen points out, awake, we can assess the extent of thoughts when they emerge already is caused by external and internal stimuli and determine how we interpret it for action that we want to undertake. To determine its essence, we can evaluate your positivity or negativity and put them into action according to as we give him strength. Of course, that every thought in action drag many aspects which according to their reason of being, objective pursued must be considered, for example, love, constancy, goodness, desire, intention, anger, hatred, rancor, death, among others. All this can help us determine its positivism and negativism according to its result. Incumbent upon us to each surprise us in how we give passage to those thoughts that we consider positive in our growth, must simply be very attentive as it occurs and how to manage them.

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