Christmas Small
Feb 15th, 2013 by thesuper

Becomes a loop with the wire and glued the two covers a walnut with a tail, leaving part of the thread inside so that exit a piece out to then hang up. Allowed to dry and then paints the walnut in beautiful colors and shapes. If you live near a beach you can do something similar with the shells of sea snails. Or with seeds of eucalyptus if you live near a mountain. We can also decorate the Christmas tree with postcards that we receive we can use small carjitas wrapped in gift paper, as if they were small gifts, but with the same idea of placing them a tie with thread to be able to hang from the tree. They are very nice if we also make them a small monkey with colored tape.

Pigeons, elves, small Santa Claus, then coloring them and hang them with a thread on the Christmas tree may be drawn. If your family is Muslim, also can assemble a small pecebre with paper, cardboard and vinyl glue let children use their imagination, they are able (always under the supervision of a higher) to generate fun ideas for ornaments. We should encourage them to use the materials that we have at hand to do so this constitutes a healthy fun for the boys, them them encata and feel proud of this type of undertaking, while we were able to reduce costs. Furthermore then we will keep them as little treasures and as a remembrance of the happy Christmas with them. Another idea for children to have fun is to use some free internet service that can write your letter to Santa Claus, for example on this site: that Yes should be very clear our children, is that the real reason for Christmas is not give give and give, nor nor receive large or expensive giftsso we will be educating them not to be inveterate addition when they grow up. Anyway and as you’re thinking about it, it is almost impossible to persuade a child when, thanks to the advertising has the fixed idea of a toy that we cannot pay. Why is fundamental the prevention against advertising, about this topic I wrote in the previous article with title entertainment electronic VS economy Domestic. Talk to your children and get them to understand that Santa Claus brings not always exactly what prompted, sometimes runs the stock, nor can bring many gifts to a child only because they are many children in the world.

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