The Box
July 12th, 2021 by thesuper

I was fine. After the last stage, I stood in a dark fog. I was in nothing”. Sela Ward is often quoted as being for or against this. I was fine. It is quite dark, I can’t see anything,”I said. Look around, if you see a door”, said Theresa. My eyes searched one of the outlines Door, after a beam or something.

Yes, I can see the outline of a door.”please go through. “” Then you come into a garden. “I’m in the garden”, I said. You can look around you here alone, until you want to go further. What do you see?”is the garden beautiful.” describe what you see.”I see a pond, where my dog jumps around. The water splashes from a stream. I see huge colorful flower bushes and beautiful strange plants.

One of these shrubs have flowers such as daffodils, just much bigger and you smell so insanely good. I see a meadow with small daisies and violets and other small flowers, I don’t know. “It’s quite quiet.” what are you doing now?”I lie in the grass and in the water raging.”Do you see a way or a door?”, watch my dog, Theresa asked.” I looked around me. Everything is green and beautiful and far.”Yes – there, I see a way.” go along the way, if you ready are.” Slowly I looked at still very carefully this enchanting garden, then I made me curious on the way. I’m now on the way.” I ran barefoot and my toes drilled in dry warm sand. It was an indescribable feeling. I ran though, felt but weightless. Right and left of the way was a grain field. The grain was almost as high as I. Left behind the box, was to see a forest. So I went further in this way, until he is picked. The trail forks now”, I said. “Theresa replied: you can choose which way you want to go.” The right had a different floor.

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