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June 15th, 2009 by thesuper

I think Enron entities in tax havens to avoid taxes and hide information, increasing profits. This gives you full freedom for the movement of foreign exchange and capital, as well as a complete anonymity, so she could hide the losses that the company was having.
This made Enron appear more attractive and created a dangerous spiral where each department had to hide and increasingly improving their financial results, so that a global illusory benefit of millions of dollars, when in reality the company was losing money. This practice increases the LLC prices to new levels, to the extent that executives began to use private Inc. information and trading with Enron shares worth millions of dollars. Executives and other employees who had information knew of the existence of private accounts in tax loss, while investors were not aware.
In August 2000 the share price was 90, its highest value. At that time Traumatic Brain Injury Enron executives who possessed the information began to sell their holdings. At the same time encouraged the public and shareholders of Enron to buy stock as it told Brain Trauma Foundation investors that the value would continue to rise possibly to a value of 130 or 140.
When executives sell shares, the price began to fall. The investors were told to investment firm continue buying shares or maintain their portfolios as the stock price was going films to recover in near future. Kenneth Lay to these problems call for calm to investors, ensuring that Enron was on track.
By August 15, 2001, the price of Enron had fallen to 42. Many investors remained confident in Enron and believed that Lay would recover. Purchase or maintain portfolios losing volunteer money every day. In October the price had already fallen to 15, many saw it as a great opportunity to purchase shares of Enron, Kenneth Lay as the advice in the media. The hopes and philanthropy exaggerated optimism was in vain.
European operators Enron declared bankruptcy in November 2001 and the United States apply for the protection of ‘Chapter 11’ on December 2. So, was the largest bankruptcy in United States, leaving 4,000 employees without work.
Lay has been accused of selling shares worth 70 million dollars, I use to pay debts of the company. Also his wife has been accused independent home-entertainment distribution company of selling 500,000 shares in the market, making a total of 1.2 million on and video games November 28, 2001. The money earned from this sale was Genius Products not for the family, but TBI was diverted to charitable organizations. Records show that Mr. Lay ordered the sale between 10:00 and 10:20 in the morning. At 10:30 came to light the news of Enron’s problems, including lost billions and the price of the share value fell below music 1.

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