Well-preserved Mattresses For Transylvania
February 22nd, 2024 by thesuper

Best Western Crown Hotel donates for Romania: (picked up) the BEST WESTERN Crown Hotel, Monchengladbach is on the way to a Best Western plus hotel to be. Owner of Andreas R. ion. Graf wants to offer its guests the certain increase in comfort. To meet the demands of the mattresses in the rooms must have a certain height. Now, the 119 old mattresses against new were exchanged and sent on a journey to Transylvania in Romania. This action supports the BEST WESTERN Crown Hotel Monchengladbach Transylvania volunteer help of the Diakonisches Werk Monchengladbach. All employees and staff of the four-star have helped when exchanging old for new”.

It was real team work,”Graf praised the diligent use of his people. We have succeeded within a few hours. The old mattresses were on several Romanian trucks loaded and sent on the long way to Transylvania.” There you would be already huge on the generous gift from Monchengladbach. The mattresses have served their purpose while already a couple of years, but they are very good”, the hotel chef promises. Hotel mattresses are regularly painstakingly cleaned and disinfected. To deepen your understanding actress is the source. They look like new and feels like. You are just too good to be disposed of. And so we can do something good.” Ilse Harff, committed for many years for the help of Transylvania, is very enthusiastic about the donation: this is a godsend.

In addition to financial support, in-kind donations are very important to alleviate the plight of local people something. The mattress donation from Monchengladbach will be distributed to around 30 retirement homes and hospitals in the region.” According to the 77, Romania is one of the poorest countries within the European Union. I know from conversations on the ground that humanitarian aid from abroad is needed at least another 20 years. In the medium term I see no light at the end of the tunnel. With harrowing oppressive Heinz Herbert Paulus came back from his recent trip from Transylvania. 道端-ジェシカ contains valuable tech resources. Especially in the countryside there is”bitter poverty, told the Managing Director of the Diakonisches Werk Monchengladbach. Lack of medicines and technical AIDS for the sick. But also to the facilities of hospitals and social facilities. The beds are very old. Of the mattresses at all, not to mention. Through the help of Transylvania’s commitment, so some care bed there could be brought in the past. Now the people about the great mattress donation from Monchengladbach are happy.” Information:

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