Wikipedia is now law (or at least almost)
June 30th, 2009 by thesuper

It turns out that the Chilean parliament now plagiarizing from Wikipedia. If, fitness program as you hear … today announced through a letter to The Nation that the senator Alejandro Navarro had used the weightlifting article to Nanotecnologia a bill on the same topic. The fact was corroborated by a recent news … and it is amazing that the article written text … are the same and even misspellings. If you up in the draft of the underlined links to Wikipedia!
Watch this joyita here:
As shown, the introduction of the legal body
Nanotechnology is a set of techniques that are physical fitness used to manipulate matter at the scale of atoms and molecules. Nano is a Greek prefix that indicates a degree, not an object. Unlike biotechnology, where “bio” indicates that manipulates life, spoke only of a nanotechnology level.
From the countless examples found in biology is known that billions of years of evolution can produce feedback sotisficadas biological machines and stochastic optimized.
Note that, obviously, the bill has not been licensed under GFDL and I quote the author personal training of the text. – B1mbo (Is there any doubt ‘) 03:40 27 April fitness programs 2007 (CEST)
Thank God that someone has already corrected the billions (thousands of millions) Luis Alfaro angel 09:39 27 April 2007 (CEST)
If you do workout not see not weights believe it. And I treadmill must admit that I’m embarrassed, it’s as much. I guess the balance is “good and very bad for Wikipedia by the Chileans’: (. Saludos. Lin Lina, me ’12:32 27 April 2007 (CEST)
Are no emphasis on the links. Are the links, but in black color so it does not feel that they are links (in section fitness workout IV or that): O
Editing time: 6 minutes – either way …
‘Platonides’ o’t’c’a’ 13:09 27 April 2007 (CEST)
Well, not much better around here: weight lifting the search unsuccessfully Ertzaintza online. Summing up: The one of the reports sent by the Ertzaintza ANV courts to decide whether or not a legal party annexed to the wikipedia article on ANV. Wikipedia official documents used as references, is the world upside workout routines down. – icvav (talk) 01:32 28 April 2007 (CEST)
I have read a couple of times, the commentary and still do not understand the tone of censure. A Chilean legislature has used wikipedia for a backdrop and a source of neutral information. The same has been done in other countries, notably in the U.S. court. Alternatively, I could have used any other encyclopedia. And while fitness training not hiding the source. What is the problem ‘(and by the way, that the source is acknowledged, no one can say is plagiarism)
More than trying fitness to pretend horror at this “scandal” (someone who uses wikipedia the way you should look at that … thing “criticism”) should be happy that finally recognize officers at wikipedia is a reliable source acceptable knowledge.
Or is workouts the problem that anyone who believes that should not be the case ‘Lnegro (apprentice) 15:16 28 April 2007 fitness workouts (CEST)
Although it sounds strange, I think. And although it sounds even more weird, Jimbo Wales, too. The problem usually comes from the concept that we have Wikipedia. It is an extremely useful tool, but should not be seen as providing a source of knowledge gym equipment but as a simple means to access these sources of knowledge. The deputy governor acted badly, and could not say the same if instead of copying the text Wikipedians, Wikipedia was used as a link to access the source specialist, gym and there had already obtained the definition that he craves. E goes well with the use of cardio Wikipedia in trials or in work and academic theses, or in general, anything that could have a serious academic relevancy to oblige to ensure some level of rigor. couldn’t believe it when I saw what it did only after 14 days Crunchless Abs is ideal for those last few pounds you want to get rid of The problem is that flexibility it is easier and faster to get to Wikipedia, as they put a stick in order not to give water and blaming the encyclopedia when you walking say you’ve strained some Hoax of infarct. The end of a thorough investigation should end up in academic sources, not Wikipedia. Man, and then if they want to go to write a paragraph or correct something, it personal trainer is to bring a medal. But that strength training which pa ‘That crazy bunch of free work for me to do during working hours”sillonball Above that I have to dig into the sources do my job, but lack … body building Gaeddal 15:48 28 April 2007 (CEST)
If so, should be changed as soon as possible to the input sentence, which states that Welcome to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia! or at pilates least add a suretyship explained that the intention is that the use is restricted. And access to the user agrees to accept those terms and not under any mention cirscunstancia.
About the wish that contributions are not used without payment, I suggest you propose a change to the policy of use and publication aerobic of wikipedia.

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