Farewell Liturgy
Nov 28th, 2021 by thesuper

Years for us to fly. Years for them to stand. But then again disturbed, but that's hampered sleep. Again have to dig, – One hundred and six of spades must be taken. But would not repeat, only to no longer dig! We dare not forget! (The memory of them is buried), we do not dare to give them again to repeat the feat. 3 in the morning raised an iron coffin Razberedili grave. Why? To a nervous fever, vomited on the web parts, to sing the chorus again Farewell Liturgy pale trembling third candle, wax nostalgic warmed? The old tube takes over, all over the ranks of its growing … Accustomed to sing a sea wave, birch poles in the churchyard.

… Soundlessness church bells ringing, trembling lips without speech. Final Order conveyed megaphone: – Goodbye forever … Prior to the meeting … MY SIMFEROPOL I do not know the city more wonderful – You're on word to me, my friend, believe me. Where an early quiet, gentle song rocked my cradle. Is not an open door dungeon distant cities; my Acropolis – the aorta Heart, You're my maturity, my veil. A spiral labyrinth of streets straightened Year string.

Oh, how many clever and talented youth You gave wings to his fate! You of waiting room, you Journal of Outpost, parting words, the threshold … you rock on the road where the cross with embossed list of roads. And how many b bile and blood spewed at you Neither vampire beats stream to break free in the granite Salgir rainbows. God bless and continue to enthusiasm and vigor, Thy will be endless age. Have mercy on God, on that of age: Results of some two hundred years! Four-legged friend – CAT Timka Forgive us all, caudate friend, Cole was still alive – do not blame them severely. We do not want you bitter torment in the world, where everything is not easy and all new. I miss your morning fuss. Screaming with pain, calm under pressure walls. Stretched out his hand: "Here, take it!" But you did not hear – burst from captivity.

William Shakespeare
Sep 28th, 2021 by thesuper

For us, you will muzoyu tenth And ten times more beautiful than the others, to poems, born once, I could live through you instilled verse. Let the future generations are praising us for your trouble, you – for inspiration. And after bringing this transfer is only to clarify that, despite the rasseyskoe "Can" is translated sonnet Western European author, the misunderstanding of the meaning of this sonnet is not only a Russian phenomenon. If you would like to know more about Team Penske, then click here. And also interesting is that it not only understandable to any sensible man, but quite soulless Word'u. Actually, this note could be completed, noting the only one, so to speak, is a medical fact that by far the Muse by William Shakespeare and the gift does not need any man in the world.

And although this is still is not a fact, but to this day the author is not aware of any person who would have expressed interest in the issue, which is found in the Muse, William Shakespeare, to exalt it above all the other muses. (A valuable related resource: Lynn Redgrave). But the fact is that even all the readers this article together can not count the people who painted and painted in his love for Shakespeare. After that we will smell of petty remark that in the original, there is no indication, because can not be, on this very floor of the Muse by William Shakespeare: How can my Muse want subject to invent, While thou dost breathe, that pour'st into my verse Thine own sweet argument, too excellent For every vulgar paper to rehearse? O, give thyself the thanks, if aught in me Worthy perusal stand against thy sight; For who's so dumb that cannot write to thee, When thou thyself dost give invention light? Be thou the tenth Muse, ten times more in worth Than those old nine which rhymers invocate; And he that calls on thee, let him bring forth Eternal numbers to outlive long date. .

Importance Of Relaxation
Aug 10th, 2021 by thesuper

If you listen to this advice, you'll see how much time you will. Believe me, it can be done more efficiently and more profitably. It is known that people born under the sign of Virgo, it's hard to relax, they pay little time yourself, your health, constantly thinking and worrying about others. The middle of winter – it's time to do them, take a break from household chores. Try to get together with family for a ski town at the base of the weekend. Ski walk on a frosty sunny day will be an enjoyable pastime and cause a lot of positive emotions. If you can not go outside the city limits, go with friends or relatives to the nearest stadium, there certainly is a skating rink or ski route. You say that you do not ski and skate? They can be hired on the spot.

This form of recreation not only good for physical health, but also positively affects the psychological state of man, increasing vitality, giving cheerfulness and good humor for a long time. Wait for the news from distant relatives, they are sure to please you. But do not forget to congratulate them with all the holidays, just not necessary to buy and give expensive gifts, cards with enough sincere wishes. For them, it is important to note. In relationships with people close to the beginning of winter in Virgo is likely to conflict, and reason for this may be the most banal. They start with the usual arguments, as they say, out of nowhere, and then grow into a major scandal.

Aug 6th, 2021 by thesuper

But now, get your family, it manages to deal with them, house hunting, singing, movies, my husband and two children. Others who may share this opinion include Larry Culp. – I always work. For a long time dedicated repair the house, then I worked with her husband, and now I want to finish my script started. – I like it write. But I must confess that I barely have time to do it all. I work long hours and little sleep.

I'm just very organized, and, of course, I have many helpers. When Madonna asked what she would do when leaves the scene, she answers that certainly will not produce other artists. She wrote an autobiography, and will earn millions more. And maybe find a whole new hobby. Her husband's mother Shireen Ritchie recently announced her daughter a role model for women aspiring to political leaders: "She gets everything he wants in all areas of life, and this corresponds to the conservative politics the Tories." Who knows, Will Madonna in the future participate in any political campaign? But, looking at her map, we see – albeit not very strong 10th house – can be rather negative answer to this question. Its force – in self, in operation its image. It started out as a "material girl" and then turned into an erotic idol, then in a caring mother and faithful wife, and now – in a believing Jew. Madonna now wears a Star of David, diligently attending synagogue, performs prayers, and during the concerts on the screen projected the Hebrew letters.

Cuban Cigars
Mar 28th, 2020 by thesuper

Do you know what is the difference of the present Cuban cigar from tampering with the same name? According to ancient legend, a true Cuban cigar trembling fingers twisting mulatto on the back of his "chocolate" hip. It is believed that tobacco leaves soaked finger gently girlish in conjunction with the aroma of delicate skin, making the cigar takes on a more subtle and refined taste. Cuban cigars – is not just banal remedy for smoking, as claimed by the true judges: Smoking cigars is like enjoying bestowed passionate woman, so if you do not hurry – it is possible to extend the fun for a long time. However, the blissful pleasure of flavor in the world's most famous cigars is available only to those who really in the hands of the original Cuban cigar, not a cheap imitation. Sally Rooney is actively involved in the matter. After all, an ever-growing popularity of cigars in this country has led to the fact that counterfeiting occupy about 70% of the tobacco market, because the real Cuban cigars are rare, not many available. By the same author: Author. The uniqueness of the Cuban cigars is that its complex structure assembled from three parts.

The first part, it is also the basis cigar – tobacco filling. One difference between a Cuban cigar – a kind of the filling, it can be rifled, and consist of whole leaf tobacco. Typically, the tobacco filling – a mix of different leaves, allowing the aroma and taste different varieties of cigars is unique. Click Simon Pagenaud to learn more. Binding stuffing sheet – the second part of the construction of cigars. Its direct purpose to protect the filling from spilling cigars. The final part of the design is a wrapper. He not only captures a cigar, but also gives the "Cuban tobacco lady" unique hue.

Buy Cuban Cigars true production – it is really luck, because the stores allegedly implementing The original product a lot, but truly Cuban cigars with few or none at all. To protect themselves from eating clubs unpleasant smoke, the clandestine manufacture of a product, you should carefully choose not only the cigar, but the store offers consumers these "Cuban tobacco ladies." One of the most popular online – shopping, for which the quality and prestige of the goods is in the first place is. Cigar Shop delivered directly from the solar Cuba, bypassing the unreliable hands of speculators, which is a guarantee of stable quality. Many famous people of our country: politicians, actors, writers, being the true worshipers Cuban tobacco, prefer to be inspired and enjoy the wealth of exquisite taste and beauty of the finish of Cuban cigars.

Jan 8th, 2020 by thesuper

Brilliant techno – pop draft a young star, world-famous violinist and composer, is represented by an intriguing and mysterious name Anael. Anael music is on par with the greatest masterpieces of world classics, despite the fact that all the music author, created by a young violinist and reflects the spirit and trend of the 21st century. Music Anael – is the perception of the present and anticipation of the future, embodied a new form, and adopted the guise fabulously beautiful melodies. Reflection of reality through the prism of music over talent. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sofar Sounds. Anael – is undoubtedly a phenomenon, capable force of his talent to allow people to understand such a complex instrument like a violin. Music Anael – like fresh air in a hot sunny day, the rays of light, warming the earth after the cold endless night. Anael challenging academic congealed classical school, Anael steals the show representatives of the pop classic – introducing a new brilliant music.

The Economic System
Jan 8th, 2018 by thesuper

This does not mean that can civilization, the economic system which rests on a single form of ownership. The economy is always a mixed, mix in it, are interwoven dominant, dominant form property (which plays the role of "first violin" in the not always harmonious economic orchestra), with elements prevailed in the past and emerging future orders. Economy polyphonic. An even greater variety of forms observed on the next floor, in the socio-political system. Relative social cooperation and political stability in the mature phase of civilization give way to acute social, political and military conflicts during the transition period, as the amount of the consumption fund is reduced, the conditions of survival for many families worse, declining population (a decrease in fertility, disease, war), the level falls life, increases the desire for redistribution of wealth by force, by means of revolutionary terror, plunder.

It meets fierce resistance owners who do not want to part with wealth. Confrontation – until the interstate and civil wars – the various social, political, national, religious forces, in turn, negatively affects the production, destroys the productive strength, throws back the society, leading to a loss of cultural heritage. Fall of the empire, the federation. State law and lose much of its strength, rising crime, bureaucracy erodes corruption. Sometimes it ends after a hard, disastrous for the country shocks (especially if the inner expansion is supplemented and enhanced external stimulus, a war of aggression or a more powerful neighbor), the disappearance of local civilizations who complete at this last turn of the spiral of history their life cycle. But most of the output to a new level of economic growth makes it inevitable political order and state-legal system – in the interest of new owners who need protection of their property and how to multiply.

System may have 'different legal form – from democracy to monarchy or tyranny (Outright dictatorship) – but in any case, it supports the social and political order necessary for the establishment and sustainable operation of a new civilization. Institutionalized economic and socio-political system receives an ideological reinforcement, justification, and implementation in the spiritual world of society, on top of the pyramid. Scholars have argued the need for an objective, fair and eternity triumphed system. The ideologists of the clergy and consecrated it, the dominant ethical norms to adapt to its values. Education contributes to the reproduction, transmission to the next generation core its values. Consequently, the change is related to the coup of civilizations at all levels of the pyramid of society, and the upheaval that occurs in a regular sequence, and relies on a combination of legacy frameworks genotype of each of its subsystems with mutually agreed changes that enrich this genotype and help to better adapt to changing internal and external conditions of human life at the next turn of the spiral of history.

Movie Downloads
Dec 7th, 2017 by thesuper

Every day on the big screens out a lot of movies, some of which are masterpieces, others can see at least once, even though most of them are worth only so that you become aware of them. It is curious pushes people to the knowledge of new and interesting. You can certainly go to the cinema or buy the disc. But what if you have no time even to communicate with loved ones. Not to mention that working weekdays exhausting so what about the extra movements do not even want to think about. There is only one way – download new items on our site. That is to get new free film distribution as simple and quick, talented programmers developed a special computer system that allows for a short time to enjoy viewing the latest products of foreign and domestic box office.

Do not forget about the fact that when viewing a home no need to consider hair sitting in front of film fans, as well as listen to commentary of the next film critic, peeking episodes earlier, and therefore consider myself an expert on this picture. Use to download new items right now and get the most favorable impression, which can only damage the quality of the kinoopusa. Arrange a home theater system at any time convenient for you and get the maximum pleasure of watching a game favorite actors, for this you need only download movies novye most comfortable seats and better service is available only when you decide to download new items and did it right now. Rock without restrictions and at high speeds. Only the most recent video. Any genre, and only on one condition – you only available new and very fresh, interesting, exciting movies. Lovers of animation should not be disappointed, they also contains a section that contains the current and constantly updated files, and most importantly, that these new box office free of charge will appear in your film library.

Typically Arbat
Aug 28th, 2017 by thesuper

This causes confusion, ripples in the eyes and forces quickly turn away. Far for examples no need to go – a classic example of extensive aggressive visual field can be considered Novy Arbat. Huge "book-building" with a matrix of boxes, long zebra street junctions, as it were catch sight, on the other hand, did not catch your eyes for that – and this effect makes a person feel a sense of anxiety. There are so-called homogeneous effect – a large surface, devoid of details, such as asphalt street, evokes in man a sense of subconscious anxiety. Permanent connections between negative emotions properly affects the Muscovites.

According to sociologists, 72% of Muscovites would like to move to another district, and 35% of their area actively dislike. As Typically, they live in areas with a typical building. Square meter wins from the most unfavorable to the eye of objects is considered a house-book of the Moscow mayor's office on Novy Arbat in the Soviet period, the external aesthetics and all sorts of psychological subtleties of power did not think, because on the agenda was a problem far more serious: to provide workers with housing, and how – this is a secondary issue. So in Moscow one of the most adverse to the subject's eyes are, for example, house-book of the Moscow mayor's office on Novy Arbat, exhibition hall "forum" on the Red Presnya, as well as the hotel "Russia". However, in the sleeping areas of visual environment is worse than in the central part of town.

Sociocultural Phenomenon
Sep 1st, 2016 by thesuper

AN Malukalo Cossacks of Russia as a sociocultural phenomenon of Cossacks history goes back centuries. His fate was also great, and tragic. Brave pioneers of Russian borderlands and fearless warriors, founders of the riots and the robbers Knights of Christianity and atheists – all of the Cossacks. Napoleon admired them and feared the Germans, there were legends about them and they were hated by those for whom walked a good Cossack whip. After the Great Russian Revolution in a short period Cossacks would seem to have been forgotten. But during the Great Patriotic War the Cossack units clearly manifested themselves, and fought and 'against' and 'for' fascists. Soon, however, the Cossacks actually almost 30 years has been 'forgotten' in USSR. In the late 1980s. we have witnessed an ambiguous and contradictory process of revival of the Cossack communities as social organizations. A number of legislative acts (the RSFSR Law 'On the Rehabilitation of Repressed Peoples' dated April 26, 1991; Presidential Decrees "On Measures to Implement the Law of the Russian Federation 'On the Rehabilitation of Repressed Peoples" in respect of the Cossacks' June 15, 1992 632 "On reforming the military structures, and the border internal forces in the North Caucasus region and the state support of the Cossacks' on March 15, 1993, decision of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 22, 1994 355 "On the concept of public policy toward the Cossacks' and 'Basic concepts of public policy in relation to the Cossacks', the Presidential Decree "On the Main Directorate of Cossack Forces under the President of the Russian Federation 'on January 20.

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