Cala Ratjada
October 28th, 2021 by thesuper

13 Cala Millor welcome in the holiday area for German tourists: Cala Millor. Click Jenifer Aniston for additional related pages. The hotel density is very high, what brings well-sourced beaches, but also cheap prices. This place has everything, to make during the day a beautiful day on the beach and in the evening the day erlebnisreich sound out. 13A. Cala Bona for all families this place is perfect. Several smaller hotels, which are arranged directly on the water, is waiting for you. The place is very manageable and Cala Millor after 15 minutes walk to reach.

14 Cala Canyamel this Cala holds three major hotels and a beautiful, quite lonely”beach ready for tourists. It is very good for families and less for singles or people who want to experience something, because he has only a few restaurants and a promenade. 15 In the extreme north east of the island, which has for its visitors beautiful beaches and CALAS is located Cala Ratjada. The City Beach of Cala Ratjada (Platja de Son Moll) is easy to reach by bus from all over the place out. 16 Gad of Cala / Cala Ratjada as an insider’s tip of Cala Ratjada is the Cala GAT.

Walking them after about 10 minutes, if you go from the fishing port of the footpath North. Parking facilities are rather poor. For this door gravel water is waiting for you. 17 Angulla of Cala / Cala Ratjada this Cala is situated in the North-West of the city and is well reachable by public bus. Should this Cala really bus drive on, since there are only one, quite expensive parking for cars returns. Cafes or restaurants are rather karg sown and not really make this Cala a Cala for families. 18 Cala Mesquida this quite newly built resort is relatively expensive, but also recommended. Watching the sunrise in this Cala bring breathtaking moments. 19 Colonia de Sant Pere this place holds a small stone Beach and some privately organised accommodation.

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