Dassin France
January 3rd, 2015 by thesuper

Especially near and dear to become Dassin France, where he was eleven years and where he spent his boyhood. The future singer fell in love with poetry Brassens and gladly picked up the guitar music for him. True, the beginning of life in France marred by parents' divorce. For Joe it was the first blow of fate, as if warning a romantic young man: a life full of problems. Despite everything, he remained a close relationship with my father and mother. Joe was known as a cheerful, lively and with a modest mannered guy. IN SEARCH OF SELF It is time to choose a profession, and decided to become an ethnographer Dassin – learn different languages and cultures. The young man went overseas – the University of Michigan.

He went to America with "French guitar in hand and without a penny in his pocket." At university, tried to provide himself, laboring in his spare time. Curious guy learning was easy. He managed and "pobrenchat" on the guitar in a free minute. In those years he had a grateful audience. After graduating from university, Joe still was not sure whether it is a road. Where is it – a matter of life? Maybe – journalism? He returned to France and worked at one of the radio stations.

Then acted in several films, working with his father. Small, minor role, but maybe with time he will declare himself as an actor? Time passed, and Dassin was still at a crossroads. However, work in film served as a good service: Joe learned to be very natural and relaxed.

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