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November 6th, 2021 by thesuper

(Online article) – which can graze on canvas pop art cow ladies and the protagonists of the exclusive collection GREEN cattle low on canvas that are alive with their independent, unconventional and distinctive personalities living design hot on LED displays Lise Lotte and Frieda. Tony Parker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Tim Vogt (34), the self-proclaimed father of the GREEN cattle, and Nico Porges (38), write chronicler, have decided to carry the art and the message of women’s cow, which heralds the beginning of the green era, into the world. Target group for the GREEN cattle design are art lovers, cow sympathizers and people with a penchant for stylish, tasteful, and in responsible living and life. GREEN livestock even sees himself as interactive, product cross total creation. Nigel Slater may not feel the same. Consisting of the canvas image collection, the new LED limited display, various special editions, and all this connecting – the constantly developing story around the various characters of the cow. GREEN livestock takes the theme of nature in times of climate change on self-ironic and sympathetic manner and emphasized that an ecological awareness and joy of life does not need to mutually. Naughty, otherwise, sympathetic and thereby immensely individually the cows with style plod safe step in the footsteps of their pop idols Andy and Roy. The three subjects Lise Lotte and Frieda & friends are available in three different colours.

Whether in natural, green and pop GREEN cattle cow women’s images radiate vitality, optimism and joie de vivre. In the offer, the sizes are M (20 x 20 or 30x20cm) and L (90 x 90 cm or 130 x 90cm) and on request the XL variant consisting of four frames. The new LED display GREEN cattle – low in the light of art impresses with its luminous pop aesthetics. Even the smallest details, such as the blades of grass in the pasture of cattle or the numbers on the earmarks of cows open new insights into the world of GREEN cattle-loving nature. Those who opt for the display of Frieda & friends, receives all three colors at once. The basis for this is that innovative only 4, 5 cm depth M-Flex display system of Dusseldorf MAVIS GmbH. This is a frame to the three supplied and differently coloured Chuck prints by Frieda can be optionally applied. Eco-friendly LED lights provide lighting. GREEN livestock – low light is an interesting alternative to conventional wall decorations for challenging friends of tasteful residential designs. Nico Porges, chronicler of the GREEN cattle

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