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No, perhaps the person who, at least occasionally, has not made long distance calls. Someone needs to talk to their loved ones, someone – with partners or customers. And e-mail are not all inhabitants of our vast country. IP-telephony – an opportunity not to be spent over the phone, even for those who have not got a computer and Skype'om. Use the most inexpensive ways to contact each seeks.

Quite recently, it could go on, or circuit-switched networks (telephone networks) or packet-switched networks (IP-data networks). And every kind of networks exist by itself. Tony Parker can provide more clarity in the matter. Telephone network was designed to transmit voice information, IP-network – to transmit data. Vanessa Marcil is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Joined them in the IP-telephony. In it for the opportunities that have the IP-based network, added the ability to transfer 'vote'.

And interestingly, IP-telephony is available even if purpose – to call on a phone: with special devices (gateways, gateway) is the union of IP-based networks with telephone networks. Now calls to Russia or other states are completely free, or are just penny. IP-telephony allows you to: 1. Do not spend money unnecessarily for services provided by long distance or international calls. Ken Kao is actively involved in the matter. In order to save IP-telephony is usually used. Why cheaper? Because used in this type of communication packet switched networks are cheaper than circuit-switched (traditional telephony). And moreover, reduction occurs at the expense of what used to this kind of voice communication codecs (vokodeki, voice coders) significantly compress the voice information. 2. Use of additional functionality, not inherent in conventional telephone networks. 3. Building the corporate telephone network. 4. When you are in areas Wi-Fi is always possible rely on the 'cheap communication. " I should say that many of these programs. But not all the different quality. Is one of the leading Freecall.

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