Pantanal Wetlands
November 4th, 2021 by thesuper

Learn the Iguacu over Iguacu with the largest waterfalls in the world falls with approximately 13,000 cubic meters of water per second! Fine spray mist, thunderous noise and shimmering Rainbows. The waterfalls in Foz do Iguacu are gigantic and unique in the world. Tons of water in the depth of the Iguacu waterfalls plunge over a length of more than two kilometres. An impressive natural spectacle what I want to show you more on this page. Iguacu located near the mouth to, on the Brazilian side of the city Foz and on the Argentinian side of the town of Puerto Iguazu. These two cities are connected by a bridge that spans the river Iguacu.

Wider than the Victoria Falls, higher than the famous Niagara Falls, and undoubtedly more beautiful and more impressive than all both are the Iguacu waterfalls. At a width of approximately 2700 m, the water in the midst of a unique jungle scenery with thunderous noise crashes up to 80 meters in the Depth. The existence of the waterfalls of Iguacu are millions of years ago to a freak of nature in the form of a volcanic eruption and a tectonic shift in the South American continental plate. Depending on the season and flow rate, the Cataratas of the Iguacu River consist of 150 to 300 individual waterfalls. These are sometimes narrow streams that pass through an extremely rich vegetation, then mighty and majestic Cascade. These are sometimes narrow streams that pass through an extremely rich vegetation, then mighty and majestic Cascade.

On the so-called “Devil’s throat”, which is a part of the Cataratas with 14 waterfalls, Thunder 13,000 cubic meters of water per second into the depths. The waterfalls are a big attraction of Brazil which are in the midst of the 2000 km of large ‘Parque Nacional de Iguacu”tourist seen. The Iguacu waterfalls were declared in 1986 by UNESCO World Heritage. The high water vapour of the Iguacu River forms the Foundation for a rich animal and flora that characterizes Brazil and South America. The waterfalls of Iguacu symbolize the whole beauty of Brazil. A perfect paradise, only a piece missing Beach on the coast. The Brazilian side of the falls is impressive in its overall picture. You have a look on the foaming lower Rio Iguacu, and up to the falling 800 metres wide waterfall front from here. List of longest rivers of America of the Brazilian Parque national de Iguacu around is the larger with 1,850 km2, relative to Argentina with only 650 km, though, but the Argentine is in better condition. If you have courage, then you afford a helicopter flight over the Iguacu waterfalls. During this 8-minute pleasure in mid-air, you expect overwhelming impressions.

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