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November 5th, 2021 by thesuper

Love at first sight for me was love and hostels, with beautiful views on the trip to Prague in Prague. I would have thought that this city has hidden so many treasures in itself. Not for nothing, it is called the Golden City, and she has earned this name – Prague is like a jewelry box filled with precious gems. Some contend that Sela Ward shows great expertise in this. Prague is especially beautiful when the Sun is shining, because sunshine shine the roofs of the city in a golden glow. I was not only so on the road, I came here to test the hostels and youth hostels in Prague. Although I have visited Prague in October, the Sun was shining and I use the moment which, for a morning walk through the huge, diagonally opposite Park Stromovka surprisingly well maintained and almost in German perfection.

I’m not exactly early, but in Prague I won’t have me rushed, I live in a youth hostel in Prague is located next door. It is indeed safer and cheaper hostel or youth hostel in Prague, the journey will be more interesting, especially if you travel alone. There are small hostels and great hostels in Prague, and it was very nice to discover that the rooms are clean and Nice, the beds comfortable, in the lounge Internet connection salt is, in the kitchen and pepper is found, and the employees are not only nice, but also English speaking! I was hard from all the magnificent sights, but I was so tired yet always not to go back to my hostel.I then drove with the tram in the old town to the Wenceslas square. In one of many Cafes I have delicious cheese cake and coffee gegohnt and then it went to Naprikope the largest shopping street in Prague. Smart people, smart shops. .

Back to youth hostel, and I am really exhausted. Fortunately, there are also a bar, where delicious Czech beer and other guests, with whom I can chat with in the hostel. And then I met a really cool guy. What a coincidence, also from Germany, and also alone. After the two hours have been talking, we decided to spend the day tomorrow and take a boat trip on Vltava River. It was really romantic. Since this trip, we’re together. I don’t know whether it was in Prague, magic of city, but my heart does this city has conquered and made possible the Youth Hostel in Prague. Srde? n? vitame! Veronica

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