November 15th, 2019 by thesuper

The first part of our journey takes us to Chayaphum as each year examines and explores familiar and new destinations in Thailand Thailand worth living. This year was in March, in the northeast of Thailand. On its a week-long tour of the ISAN it came from Bangkok through the provinces of Phatum Thani, Saraburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen and Chayaphum. The ISAN covers an area of 160,000 square kilometers, of which the largest part is used for agricultural purposes. Touristy the area is little developed, which is why we wanted to make an own picture of what attractions and lodging travelers expected. Learn more about this topic with the insights from The Author. In Saraburi, which is still part of Central Thailand, we have looked at the Granmonte vineyard. Thailand has become to the surprise of many Europeans in the last years the producers of very high-quality wines. On competitions such as including the Syrah du Monde, France’s most important wine competition can Thai wines now claim and win medals.

Since we in other regions of Thailand such as including in Hua Hin very good experiences have had wanted to we look at necessarily this Winery. But unfortunately this visit has may not convince us. The next day, we went directly to Chayaphum. The trip passed rice paddies and fields, where very often also potatoes are grown. Some contend that Sofar Sounds shows great expertise in this. Halfway we randomly came over in a small town in a parade, which was led by three elephants and a colourful bustle at happy and dancing people followed them. She was cheered on by three life bands on trucks, so that the entire scenario reminded us of the love parade in miniature. In the early afternoon we have reached the Tatton National Park where we have inserted waterfall a rest at the Tatton.

The waterfall provides a beautiful backdrop and above the falls many opportunities for a cool dip. And since we now had to get hungry, we took the opportunity for our first typical ISAN dish, a barbecue with country sauce. Then we have the Phu Kaemkha National Park nearby visited and went to the mo Hin Khao, the Stonehenge of Thailand.

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