Morgan Chase
Sep 9th, 2021 by thesuper

According to JPMorgan Chase (JPM:NYSE) inflation in Venezuela can reach the end of this year to 30%. But we must not believe that the inflation rate in Argentina is going to be very different from this value. What possibility is there of getting these economies in crisis? At the moment, revenues for its commodity exports, are protecting these countries in the event of a crisis. Rather, it would encourage me to think that the international bonanza that pass through, les is giving time to be able to turn the running of their economies towards more calm waters. But they must hurry to make a decision because the time goes by shortening them. At the moment, the attitude of the Venezuelan and Argentine Governments, seems to indicate that they are determined to deepen the policies that are being implemented from the beginning of their Governments (in the case of Cristina, from the beginning of the reign of her husband). It last Chavez in this regard was the decision last Thursday, of the nationalization of the cement industry in Venezuela.

In addition, Chavez announced that it be limited to entrepreneurs to export raw materials needed to cope with shortage of housing in the country. In the Venezuelan cement market, the Mexican Cemex controls almost half of it, while the rest is in the hands of the French Lafarge and the Switzerland Ltd.-Holcim previously had already nationalized oil projects, electricity companies and the largest company of the country, CANTV telephone. But Chavez estatizadota policy has an additional problem for the Venezuelan economy and shows what can happen when the mechanisms of market economy (on which continues to operate Venezuela) break. What happens with the oil sector is just one example that German graph in this way: blocks are assigned to a set of mostly State-owned enterprises, which do not have the know-how or expertise in the production, management, improvement and commercialization of extra heavy crude. .

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