Typically Arbat
Aug 28th, 2017 by thesuper

This causes confusion, ripples in the eyes and forces quickly turn away. Far for examples no need to go – a classic example of extensive aggressive visual field can be considered Novy Arbat. Huge "book-building" with a matrix of boxes, long zebra street junctions, as it were catch sight, on the other hand, did not catch your eyes for that – and this effect makes a person feel a sense of anxiety. There are so-called homogeneous effect – a large surface, devoid of details, such as asphalt street, evokes in man a sense of subconscious anxiety. Permanent connections between negative emotions properly affects the Muscovites.

According to sociologists, 72% of Muscovites would like to move to another district, and 35% of their area actively dislike. As Typically, they live in areas with a typical building. Square meter wins from the most unfavorable to the eye of objects is considered a house-book of the Moscow mayor's office on Novy Arbat in the Soviet period, the external aesthetics and all sorts of psychological subtleties of power did not think, because on the agenda was a problem far more serious: to provide workers with housing, and how – this is a secondary issue. So in Moscow one of the most adverse to the subject's eyes are, for example, house-book of the Moscow mayor's office on Novy Arbat, exhibition hall "forum" on the Red Presnya, as well as the hotel "Russia". However, in the sleeping areas of visual environment is worse than in the central part of town.

Goutmana Peter
Dec 15th, 2015 by thesuper

For a long time civil architecture of Vologda has been neglected. Which, of course, not true. After arhitektyrny city skyline created not only by churches and other places of worship, but also to model homes and mansions past years. They express directly to the spirit of that time were built, giving us a better understanding of what and how our ancestors lived. Despite the fact that the Vologda is now represented in the form of stone buildings, great value represent extant luxurious wooden mansions with unimaginable patterned casing reminiscent of famous Vologda lace all. In the life of the city were different periods and intensive building, and when more thirds of the residents went from Vologda forever.

It certainly left its mark on the architectural appearance of the city. For example, since the early 1700's in Vologda almost erect new buildings. In addition, the decree of 1714 bans the stone construction in the province. Respectively, are not known, and stone buildings of the period. However, by the beginning of XVIII century, Vologda, almost all wooden churches were replaced by stone, and in the northern city of steel poyavilyasya storey stone merchants' mansions. One of the first stone mansion was the home of a merchant Goutmana (Gutman), who sold drugs and medetsinskimi accessories.

The house stayed Goutmana Peter the Great during his visit to Vologda. And despite the fact that for a long time, the restoration of this house has not been conducted with great skill, the mansion is still able to keep track of their facades. Leisurely pace by early nineteenth century was formed and the rest of the ensemble of the left bank of the Vologda River, where stone mansions razmezheny cathedrals and bell towers. I highly recommend attending this interechny city.

Metal Art
Jun 27th, 2011 by thesuper

Virtually absent spiraling wrought iron items. They are presented only in the design of the space between the sections of arrays, where there are vertical columns of a handrail, as processed technology products. Also, the curly wrought-iron elements spiral shape, curved on both sides, located in a plane perpendicular to the rails, and welded to the bottom of the vertical columns on the outside. Manufacture of metal today acquires a high degree of relevance not only in engineering but also in many other industrial activities. Metal Art more widely distributed and penetrates into the landscape and urban rural areas, thus making the art for the elite in the pleasure that can afford to people of moderate means. And we are not even talking about that exquisite wrought-iron furniture, luxury, metal fences and charming small architectural forms are now available through the company QMS. Metal fence that separates the strip of road traffic, wrought iron fences, fencing and planting lawns urban area – in a recent production of metal structures of this type quietly acquired aesthetic value.

Forged steel lattice made out with exquisite ornaments, metal fence, in its artistic compositions contain a variety of numerous forged elements, which in its simplicity and unpretentious look impressive, bright and beautiful. Significant role in mainstreaming the role of art in wrought Modern industry has played a company SQM. QMS is currently one of the few companies contributing elements of artistic blacksmiths in all spheres of modern life. Small architectural forms, implying strictly artistic approach, metal fences landscaping areas, suburban areas, wrought iron fences in the frame of the green areas of the city, the production of metal in other areas of artistic forging – All these kinds of skills together in a company's activities QMS, and today is one of the most successful, fastest growing companies in St. Petersburg. All this makes it highly likely predict that the evolution from an artistic point of producing metal, not just go ahead and monopolizes all spheres of life, including the production of rails for high-rise buildings, but will move to other areas industry and life in general. Only a creative approach to solving problems and issues of contemporary society, economy and production leads to the most productive change in the life of the individual and the entire humanity as a whole.

New Capital Exhibition Art-Space-Art-Ferma
Jun 27th, 2011 by thesuper

Moscow has long been a real boom for the creation of new art spaces. They occur mainly in the industrial zones, factories and hangars of the former depot, creating a cultural clusters. Another such cultural cluster is “Art Farm” – a new capital Exhibition ART-space, got its name by analogy with the location. Is located “Art Farm” in the pavilion “RosStroyExpo” formerly known as the Farm Centre. “Art Farm” suggests to combine under one roof both known and most young designers of different styles, from classical to avant-garde. Wide range of tasks: it covers virtually all areas of contemporary design.

It’s not just interior design, but also industrial design, graphics, furniture, etc. At the “Art Farm”, is supposed to collective and personal exhibitions. So zheorganizatsiyu permanent master classes for professional audiences (students and graduates of architecture and design schools, novice designers), and ordinary consumers who are interested in equipping their homes. The organizers of the project (Sergei Semenov and Raya Ivanovskaya) are the designers and their works will be exhibited immediately after opening. The first exhibition project of the new Center for Contemporary Interior “Art Farm” will be exhibit “Three rooms or Traveling in your own mind.

” Conception of the exhibition space – a journey into his life in his own world. The first room, according to the concept of the exhibition – “office”, that is external, the business world. Direct graceful lines, the rigor and clarity of thought and brevity. Second room – “House”, the boundary of the external world and internal (in fact the one hand, his house, and on the other – it let strangers). The space is cozy and diverse decorated. Here, fun, cute, ironic. The third room – “consciousness, inner peace. Traveling in his own imagination. It embodied the most crazy and amazing ideas. The room looks very, very strange. The space of this room is playing, transformed, interactive. It erases the boundaries of reality, things are not what they seem.

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