Construction Secret
Nov 3rd, 2021 by thesuper

Fear of the building? Stress on the construction site? The word artisans provide the hair on? Who want to avoid all of this construction plays, takes in the secret of building”a helpful mental support. Where the causes of the human crises emerge right here is the secret of building”on. To make it with this guide and the valuable clues on which is not entering what one fears, how to internally de-stresses itself and how to attract good situations. In sum, this work is appropriate for the own dream house a summary from the entire teachings of positive thinking and many other valuable life Advisor just to the point. Jorge Perez understood the implications. Continuing the dream life should be possible then Yes in the newly-built House. Without fear and anxiety. owledge.

Unfortunately, this image of a harmonious family more in advertising is to see. “But not for the the construction secret” practice. To know it and to read is not enough. Building owners and promoters who have tested these instructions before and during its construction phase, have reported positive experiences, they had never believed in that. Not every chapter is useful for everyone, but everyone can take out, what is important and helpful for you.

Who is a little creative can convert also the one or other law of success and use it for other areas of life and work. Everything is possible, if you think it. “The manual the construction secret” is under for downloading. Sonja ch. Kelz

Nov 2nd, 2021 by thesuper

The duration of drying of concrete and plaster facing the constant threat of an impending construction delay every planner and architect. The duration of drying of concrete and plaster facing the constant threat of an impending construction delay every planner and architect. In recent years, the use of drying equipment has established itself as an efficient measure for optimum drying of buildings and quality assurance as a result achieved. For large objects such as supermarkets and halls is the variety of the necessary single dehumidification equipment but a huge problem: hundreds of meters laid power cables hinder the work of craftsmen, lack of draining the tank or draining of the condensate hoses provide water damage, etc. In years of mobile large object dryer developed by the Austrian company WD-AUSTRIA (European patent). Real-estate developer is open to suggestions. The drying of large building surfaces is efficient and easy. The construction done quickly and without hampering the construction site work.

Special applications require special solutions the DryMobil can be adapted individually for each application. Among other things the drying realized thus fuel lines at Vienna Airport. Currently, several residential buildings in Croatia are dried with the procedure. A decontamination can be achieved by coupling of different modules in addition to efficient building drying of mold contaminated homes. After flooding eliminates fecal germs in the inaccessible insulation layer.

In reconstructed, hazardous air pollution is drastically reduced. WD-AUSTRIA offers an extensive product program for long-term drying: from the small dryer for basement compartments in residential buildings up to the dehumidifier for waterworks and technical rooms, from the archive of dryer up to the quiet dehumidifier for exhibition spaces in museums: WD-AUSTRIA is the contact for all drying solutions. Building drying are energy-efficient and material-gentle for the traditional drying of construction of WD-AUSTRIA used energy-efficient drying equipment with modulating drive motors. The Europe-wide Active product developer has an engine Park, which allows a drying surface between 10 and 5,000 m2. The devices can be either in the do-it-yourself process be placed (ready to plug and ready) or the Service service WD-Austria takes over the full service support to low-cost flat-rate tariffs! Beware of too dry air! Not only to the drying technology WD-AUSTRIA is European contact for planners and architects: to eliminate to drier air in offices and living rooms, the health dangers, powerful humidification devices were equipped with antibacterial water purification units. These Grossraumbefeuchter are used mainly in Office buildings and museums, but also in many homes and apartments.

Tendering Procedures In Overview
Nov 1st, 2021 by thesuper

Qualifications are in any case a must especially for the building industry, as well as the construction industry tenders by public authorities play a crucial role. Here it is the competitors price and / or too technical to be ultimately awarded to one-upmanship. The award of construction contracts by contracting authorities is regulated in Germany by the procurement and contracting regulations for construction works (VOB). The VOB is a set of rules, which are the three parts of VOB/A: General provisions for the procurement of construction services, VOB/B: general terms and conditions for the execution of construction works and VOB/C: General technical conditions of contract for construction services is composed. In section 3 of the VOB/A, which concerns only national procurement below the thresholds, is distinguished into four different Award types: the public tender the restricted tender providing hands-free the competitive dialogue according to the specifications of the VOB/A should the public tender be the norm of the tenders. Only if the circumstances or the peculiarity of the performance in itself justify it, may be derogated from the public invitation to tender. Basically, an unlimited number of companies can participate in a tendering procedure and submit an offer after the solicitation of an offer by the customer. Here the prompt of the client is carried out usually by relevant notices, about in daily newspapers and relevant publication leaves or even journals.

This procedure is complied with the principle of the equality of candidates in its entirety. Nevertheless, it is to ensure that only qualified applicants can participate in the procurement procedure in the public tender. As a result, the public procurement directives which represent a further part of the VOB/A provide that companies from participating in the contract award procedure to rule out are for the advertised object their suitability, performance, and reliability can prove. In exceptional cases, is the limited tendering to the application and as the name already suggests speaks directly to a limited number of companies.

Nationwide Installer Survey
Oct 22nd, 2021 by thesuper

“Photovoltaic wholesaler energy construction is excellent Cologne for its distribution and customer satisfaction, 17.08.2012 the energy solar power systems GmbH from Cologne awarded top PV today suppliers” of the market research company, EuPD Research. With the independent industry seal, market researchers want to increase transparency in the solar market and provide guidance on the selection of merchants. For the determination of the best wholesalers EuPD Research has analyzed product portfolio, customer satisfaction and stability of customer relations. The respondents nationwide installers had given the company energy construction in order processing and consulting as well as at the deadlines and delivery high marks. In addition, the investigation showed that energy building maintains above-average long-term and stable relations with its customers.

Quality all along the line”while around 40 energy construction staff in the 21,000 square-foot logistics centre in Cologne for the delivery of Modules and inverters provide, the product quality is ensured through extensive incoming goods inspections and failure analysis, factory tours at the suppliers and its own performance measurements. We work continuously on a market-consistent, reliable service for our customers”, explains energy construction Managing Director Rene Medawar. We call the modern craft of solar energy construction. That we get for this way now, a year before our 30th anniversary, an award, of course very pleased. “For our customers, this means continue: then, as now they get services, where our experience is.” “Energy engineering Jorg Wagenknecht, Managing Director of construction co SOLAR GmbH & co. KG, added: whether individual components or complete systems, power construction offers not to forget the friendly and competent advice quality all along the line.” About the energy solar power systems GmbH founded in 1983 German company energy building is one of the leading provider of solar power plants in Europe.

The business model of the company is service-oriented and is based on two key areas of business: PV wholesale: as a powerful distributor power construction is the link between solar industry and solar craft. Energy construction offers a perfectly coordinated product portfolio that covers all relevant market and price segments. Numerous additional services offer customers direct competitive advantages. : Projects worldwide Energiebau solar power systems to the power supply and own power use: for residential and commercial roofs, autonomous systems and open spaces. Energy construction has a long-standing expertise in the rural electrification on the African continent. The founder and Managing Director of energy building, Michael Schafer, is actively involved as a Board member of the German solar industry BSW Association.

Bruhl Tel
Oct 20th, 2021 by thesuper

On Transfrontier aluminum or steel structure almost anything can be set. Sela Ward may also support this cause. And what has been optimized for the logistical feats on the world tours of the formula 1 circus, proved to be only right including architecturally angepasster mounted on the main stand of the stadium. All of this can be accommodated hospitality, offices, dressing rooms and kitchens in a ful temporary building of this style. Prefabricated semi temporary buildings are also available, which in the blink of an eye are built up and then ausgestalten with many trim levels and floors and include multiple floor levels can. Perhaps check out Dave Cowens for more information. This type is completely isolated and can as a Sports Hall, but also act as a showroom, Restaurant or office building. By the light shade sails to the multifunctional building complex – tent canopies and membrane structures in addition to the rapid and short-term solutions more systems up for seasonal permanent uses bereit, which almost everywhere space create or set forth roofing can. For example, the outdoor swimming pool during the winter can be to the indoor spa. Also, the ashes of tennis can be play on all year round, if it is protected only against wind and weather.

Same applies to soccer courts and training – competition systems of any kind to the kompletten football ground. The trick is in the use of membranes with slight structural or Konstruktionen self-supporting even by means of air. The widespread wearing air domes need no payload-capable base. Depending on the construction, they are suitable for all climatic en conditions. Also the textile and fiber architecture of the membranes is other ways than the traditional solid construction. The by many well-known Stadium roofs known principle can be applied to any desired shape.

So is the lightweight solar panels until the multifunctional building complex feasible tent-architecture without limits with single – or dual-diaphragm, with aluminIUM -, steel – or wood structure in all dimensions of the inner values also include everything: tent and event accessories, however belongs more to the gelungenen event than mere temporary building generally. The basic and emergency lighting, as must be available and work. So this basic equipment from a single source can be removed, the tent rental company can supply with same. A tent construction can take but usually not additionally statically a load but a relaxation atmosphere aims to naturally light, so additional installations are necessary. And the program? If band or speaker, at least a podium, perhaps a stage should be available. Over it, can a climate regulation a festive decoration, be GEwunscht, and, and, and either the tent rental company or the pros of an event agency have their event master the know-how and the necessary equipment. A little improvisation belongs to every event, you can rely one hundred percent in the wesentlichen points on the facilities. In terms of successful events and also the safety, professionalism is needed here too. You find all information about tents, temporary buildings and space solutions: Stadionwelt schlossstrasse 23 50321 Bruhl Tel.: ++ 49 2232 577221 E-mail: Stadium world business is the trade portal for decision makers in clubs and associations, cities and municipalities, as well as for operators, planners, and event agencies. We offer solutions for all issues related to the design, construction, equipment and operation of venues and locations, events, sports and Club equipment. In news, interviews and Stadionwelt topics currently reported projects, products, and developments of the industry.

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