Zottarella Time
October 24th, 2021 by thesuper

For the first time and only for a short time there in the summer months of July and August new Zottarella advantage Pack: 2 packs Zottarella small role and a double bag Mazzetti balsamico Cremoso. With a new advantage Pack Zottarella whets the appetite for the lightweight, uncomplicated cuisine of Italy. Only in the summer months of July and August, you will find a particularly advantageous Zottarella in refrigerated Pack. In addition to two plug Zottarella roles in the classic varieties and Basil in every Pack two samples Mazzetti balsamico Cremoso. This creamy version of the famous Aceto balsamico di Modena is the trend with the gourmets and ideal for the garnish, seasoning and refined Italian dishes.

With the small Zottarella role on a culinary journey of discovery the new Zottarella small role is with 135 g ideal for smaller households. Practical: The small role can be perfectly cut sliced the same diameter and fits her ideal for smaller size of the eye is known with bottle tomatoes. Of course there is the small role with real, refined spicy basil leaves. Zottarella of the mozzarella with the many variations of Zottarella, is the name of the mozzarella produced according to classical Italian recipe by Zott. The special thing about it: Its unique flavor and its varieties – and variety of shapes. He exists as a Zottarella ball (125 g), as Zottarella Minis (150 g) and as Zottarella role (250 g and new: 2 x 135 g in the advantage Pack) in the types of classic, light and basil. The Zottarella advantage Pack (1 x Zottarella small role of classic + 1 x Zottarella small role Basil + Mazzetti balsamico Cremoso) is available from July to August to 1.79 (EIA) in the trade.

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