International Department
Nov 6th, 2021 by thesuper

Schwyzerdutsch on 3rd place of the popular dialects a recent study of online dating agency occupied: the Swiss are sexy. For 27 per cent of respondents is Swiss German of the most attractive German-speaking Dialekt1. The Swiss German ranks as Berlin dialect so before many German dialects, Kolsch and Swabian. The special feature of Swiss German is not only in the pleasant melody of the Swiss dialect, but also in the casualness with which it is presented. The associated magic word is “Swissness”. Tony Parker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

“Swissness” stands for naturalness, quality awareness and the unique Swiss blend of tradition and trend”, explains Axel Kuhn, head of International Department at the Swiss cult brand Rivella, which is now also available in southern Germany. And he has to know at least the soft drink on the basis of natural LactoSerums is the Swiss national drink long. No wonder the Swiss with the Germans especially getting. Look very different it, however, with the Saxons and the Hesse from: your dialects are the losers of the survey and considered to be unattractive. The absolute winner of the study are scho beforehand gwusst with 42 percent Bayern oba of hamma! Via Rivella. Refreshment with a Swiss accent. International Rivella AG headquartered in the Swiss Rothrist is successful for more than 55 years as a beverage manufacturer. Name of the company is the eponymous soft drink invented by company founder Dr.

Robert Barth in 1952. Rivella is a natural drink, produced on the basis of LactoSerum2. A matter of honor, that comes from Rivella without colourings and preservatives. Today is one of the 20 most influential brands in the Switzerland of Rivella. 3 in southern Germany, Rivella in trade and catering, as well as nationwide on is available. Where there are Rivella, the practical Rivella shows Finder”on. Another Rivella image material upon request.

Swiss Whisky Surprised At The Together
Nov 1st, 2021 by thesuper

“Secret inspiration” Swiss Highland single malt won against Scottish competitors by STA. Maria V.M.., August 23, 2010 smallest whisky bar on earth was founded in the summer of 2006. The headquarters are located in the schweizerischenVal Mustair in Graubunden. Aim of the company is there, with a franchise opportunity to approach offer ambitious whisky lovers, its own bar with gehobenemAmbiente for the specific claim and a exklusivenWhiskyangebot for the discerning guest from 9 meters square to open. Read more from George Harrison to gain a more clear picture of the situation. A Whiskytasting in the Switzerland ended last weekend with a small sensation. The blind tasting conducted in a hydropower station of repower was held with international participation. So, only four of the jurors from the Switzerland, the largest share, two independent bottler, was among them were German whisky lovers, Russia and Scotland, which was represented by the fire Ambassadrice whisky, Deborah Stewart, of the spirits producer Pernod Ricard.

Overall were thus thirteen jurors in the enjoyment of the seven different Whiskies. The demands of the single malts were high, the whisky had to be natural, cold filtering and a use of sugar stripes popular in the whisky industry, was not allowed. Also, the cask strength was one of the conditions for participation. Finally, the continued Swiss secret inspiraton”through. This five-year whisky, which is produced exclusively for the smallest whisky bar on earth at Locher AG in Appenzell, placed with a point before the sixteen year old Nadurra”from the Scottish Glenlivet of calm. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. On the other courses, Scottish quality products landed everything, including a twenty-five-year-old single malt from the Dufftown of calm.

Good Appetite
Oct 29th, 2021 by thesuper

The unusual dishes in the seafood restaurant not something strange does that sound? Yes, that’s probably also. And yet it is Aquamarine in the fish restaurant”nothing special. Red mullet fillet on a Rosinen-coconut milk sauce, fillet of halibut on a plum sauce with walnuts or even grouper fillet on a pomegranates pepper sauce. The courts are always original, often exotic, spicy, hearty, intense and titillate the taste buds in a previously unknown way. Many of the regulars have literally waiting for the new creations to the fish of the month. Read more here: Tony Parker. This month, you can now discover the monkfish fillet for themselves. On a mustard Feigen-sauce with pink berries or a vegetable bed of turnip greens, peas and Parisian carrots served is quite a taste experience.

However, the absolute hit is: monkfish fillet fried on a strawberry lime puree served with vanilla rice served. These refinements include to try until the end of the month of June. What’s coming in July? Because the seafood restaurant’s team stumbled about in search aquamarine”yet. Well then: Good Appetite! Birgit Hohenstein

Hearty Specialities
Oct 28th, 2021 by thesuper

This year’s autumn programme of frozen bakery products sales oven GOLD is cabbage bread and Holsteiner onion cake in the autumn In the character of regional specialities and activities. So oven GOLD accompanied this year until September 15 the Segeberger circle plate 2009 “under the motto”Fish impressions from the Holsteiner fish cuisine”and complements the offers of participating restaurants with a matching selection of baked goods. The location of the stove GOLD company is known Marne in Dithmarschen; and who thinks of Dithmarschen in the autumn, think also of Dithmarschen best-known product: the cabbage. Over 2,800 hectares, Europe’s largest enclosed cabbage cultivation area, around 80 million cabbages are harvested. “And therefore this fall again the popular season article cabbage bread and cabbage buns there, which are considered classics now Dithmarscher and by Kalle bakers oven GOLD producer” (Marne) presented on the occasion of the Dithmarscher cabbage days (15-20 September, 2009). Tony Parker follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The high proportion of fresh cabbage and the finely tuned spice and herb mixture make especially tasty in flavor and juicy the baked goods. Whether as a companion to hearty dishes or just pure lard or butter coated – the white cabbage baked goods are always a treat. Wheat flour, rye and rye wholemeal flour are a successful and strong aromatic combined here.

In the range of bread and buns”directly on-site in the Dithmarscher Marne is baked, oven GOLD of own corporate vision remains true to produce from the region for the region. With a more typical speciality that now nationwide has admirers, oven GOLD arouses the taste buds of lovers of savory cuisine: the Holstein onion tart is a specifically Northern Variant. In addition to onions, ham and cheese it contains even a small portion of cabbage, what differentiates him from the usual onion tart taste. You can enjoy it traditionally with a glass of fairy or North German and rustic style with a cool Dithmarsch PILS. Of course in the Autumn range even more culinary highlights to discover: Da curl for example the Mediterranean ciabatta bun with sundried tomatoes and fresh basil, a southern ambience lend each late-summer barbecue. The fruity Apple Cinnamon cake, a blend of juicy Apple pieces, looser perfect, cinnamon and an aromatic note of marzipan made the transition as well as the aromatic aromatic Buttercroissant in the dark season and evokes a cosy autumn evenings in front of the fireplace. Obtain further information on services and products directly at: oven GOLD Kalle Gastroservice GmbH – Managing Director: Thomas Haider field Street 58a – 25709 Marne – Tel.: 04851 / author: Dr. Katrin Schafer

Ambari You Takes On World Tour!
Oct 25th, 2021 by thesuper

Jules Vernes once sent his fictional character Phileas Fogg in 80 days around the world. Ambari now brings the world into your home! As a specialist in exclusive spices and dishes of all kinds find customers in our store ( about 700 products that are dedicated to the enjoyment and lifestyle topics. Companies and private customers can always rely on our expert consultants and a reliable delivery. To know more about this subject visit General Electric. As a special highlight of the festive season, we have launched the series “culinary trips around the world” now for our customers. Whether African, Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine: the different Delicatessen sets conjure the atmosphere of different cultures on the domestic dining table. And who, like once Phileas Fogg, who want to travel the world as a whole, which ordered our 6-piece complete set “culinary world tour” for only 31,50. Of course, customers receive our products in various price categories, or as individual arrangement. Convince yourself, visit us at and look around! ambari – the Gifts & lifestyle specialist. We are looking forward to your visit!.

Internet Starcookers Gourmet Award
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The gourmet website starcookers gives on May 9, 2009 in the Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune the largest audience award for top chefs in German-speaking countries. Munich, Rostock-Warnemunde, 07 May 2009 six weeks could the user of starcookers, the Internet portal for gourmets, home cooks and gourmets, for their personal favourites from the District of starcookers chefs from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland vote. Thousands took part in the election. The first ten in the favour of the starcookers-user spaces following top chefs (in alphabetical order): Matthias Buchholz: restaurant first floor in Berlin spoiled he the guest with its creative aroma cuisine, which in 1997 was awarded with a Michelin star, which is held since then. Ulrich Heimann: Authentic flavors and excellent products and technical finesse are the basic ingredients in the cuisine of the creative head in the fine dining restaurant Le CIEL in the intercontinental Berchtesgaden resort. Christian Henze: He is chef and eloquent conversationalist. He demonstrates this again for appearances on cooking shows.

He feels most comfortable however in his restaurant, Landhaus Henze in Probstried outside Kemptens. The restaurant was opened in 1995 and already widely awarded 16 Gault Millau points and a Michelin star. Tobias Jochim: Mark’s at the Mandarin Oriental, Munich, he felt right at home, he said. \”Here he comes to its motto: cooking is love, love is passion and passion is taste.\” Thomas kammeier: his creations already were movie stars, famous musicians and politicians munden. He implements the clear line of the ambience in restaurant Hugos in the intercontinental Berlin culinary. Always is Thomas Ridge eggs on the search for new products and recipes but his favourite dish are and will remain the big beans of his mother. Brigitte Kaufmann: The restaurant Kaufmann & Kaufmann, which she runs with her husband, the sommelier Christian Kaufmann in Villach’s pedestrian area, is the chef.

Zottarella Time
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For the first time and only for a short time there in the summer months of July and August new Zottarella advantage Pack: 2 packs Zottarella small role and a double bag Mazzetti balsamico Cremoso. With a new advantage Pack Zottarella whets the appetite for the lightweight, uncomplicated cuisine of Italy. Only in the summer months of July and August, you will find a particularly advantageous Zottarella in refrigerated Pack. In addition to two plug Zottarella roles in the classic varieties and Basil in every Pack two samples Mazzetti balsamico Cremoso. This creamy version of the famous Aceto balsamico di Modena is the trend with the gourmets and ideal for the garnish, seasoning and refined Italian dishes.

With the small Zottarella role on a culinary journey of discovery the new Zottarella small role is with 135 g ideal for smaller households. Practical: The small role can be perfectly cut sliced the same diameter and fits her ideal for smaller size of the eye is known with bottle tomatoes. Of course there is the small role with real, refined spicy basil leaves. Zottarella of the mozzarella with the many variations of Zottarella, is the name of the mozzarella produced according to classical Italian recipe by Zott. The special thing about it: Its unique flavor and its varieties – and variety of shapes. He exists as a Zottarella ball (125 g), as Zottarella Minis (150 g) and as Zottarella role (250 g and new: 2 x 135 g in the advantage Pack) in the types of classic, light and basil. The Zottarella advantage Pack (1 x Zottarella small role of classic + 1 x Zottarella small role Basil + Mazzetti balsamico Cremoso) is available from July to August to 1.79 (EIA) in the trade.

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Zott pleases gourmets with a savory Easter basket. Mertingen, March 2009 an Easter Bunny must be not always made of chocolate! Quite simply an Easter Bunny can be from Zottarella with a cookie cutter shape – for a Mediterranean holiday meal with smile factor. Culinary demanding it wishes everyone at Easter and there should also be decorative. Recently Sally Rooney sought to clarify these questions. Why may the Easter Bunny therefore not even be a foodie that instead his eggs in the form of Eggplant engraved from, Zucchini and tomatoes, in the home garden, in a green pesto pasta nest tucked on the holiday table? The Easter Bunny from Zottarella not only provides a surprise on the festive table, but promises also enjoy cooking and common feast. This delicious Easter creation combines all Easter symbols on your plate: a nest, colored eggs and an Easter Bunny. While a cookie cutter in the form of a hare and a ball forming for the vegetable egg are helpful. Without hesitation Ted Lasso explained all about the problem. There is the image and a detailed recipe free of charge for reference see: de/meta/presse.html contact if you have questions please email: Zottarella online PR, Almut Otto,

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