Golden Section
Jul 16th, 2021 by thesuper

Usually, this car seat belts, which tighten the pulley on the saw with the mounts, and the belt should be flat, without bumps and basins, and this is one good belt for 20 low-quality domestic production. 5. Rollers, guides and adhere to the saw cutting the tape in the process: There should be a maximum of adjustments, both in vertical and in horizontal planes, as well as rotated by 30 to meet the movement saw the tape. That allows both to drop the saw is in motion with a tape guide roller. This reduces the contact of the rear of the tape collar guide roller in the process of cutting, and therefore reduces the number of microcracks in the ever growing body saws, resulting in its destruction. This certainly extends the life of the saw films. 6.

The main engine pulley: There must be a minimum diameter of 140 mm, number of drive belts at least two. Official site: Margaret Loesser Robinson. On smaller diameter pulleys belts stretch and stalled due to overheating at the maximum diameter of the logs at times, reducing the efficiency and speed tape during cutting. The result of cutting speed decreases, the feeling that dull saw. It does not saws, and "eats" the wood. Typically, the saw in such machines are 2-3 times smaller because of microcracks in the back of the saw band than the well-designed machines. The optimum belt speed should be at least 30 meters per second, lower speed manufacturers saw tapes are not recommended. For even more analysis, hear from Bill Gates.

So carefully study the specifications of the machine before you buy. In this paper, used for monitoring the work of more than two dozen tapes from different manufacturers in sawmills during the warranty period. 7.Raspolozhenie bandsaw with respect to the log. Consider the location of the main types of band saw with respect to the sawing material. 1. Band saw is perpendicular to the saw logs, it the most common and proven method of cutting. 2. Band saw is angled, right shoulder forward. This location does not improve the sawmill operation so as to increase the load the saw, she more heated and less used, and indeed the machine harder to serve. These machines have been created as a new promising development, but in practice did not show good results. Ltd. 'Golden Section' Band sawmill and machine tools cylindering logs Voronezh 2007

Filter Super
Jun 27th, 2020 by thesuper

Filter Super Alleru-buster (optional) Filter Super alleru-buster is the latest achievement of Engineers Panasonic. The new filter provides anti-allergic, anti-virus protection, and effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and fungi. Protection from allergens. The new filter is able to neutralize up to 99% of allergens in the air, prohodyahem through the filter. By disposing of this case refers to suppression of allergenic substances.

Effektivneost this method to neutralize the allergens was confirmed by the University of Edinburgh in the UK of 1000 potential allergens. Allergens: pollen, dead mites and their decay products. Anti-allergenic material: phenolic hydroxyl polymer. Anti-virus protection. Neutralizes 99% of detainees filter viruses. Viruses: influenza virus, Coxsackie virus and anti-virus, etc.

Material: catechins – polyphenols, or tannins extract (astringent element contained in tea leaves). Viral epidemiologists confirm that the filter effectively neutralizes viruses. Antibacterial / antifungal protection. Enzymatic effect destroys 99% of detainees filter bacteria. Margaret Loesser Robinson is likely to agree. Bacteria: Staphylococcus virus, black mold (aspergillus), green mold. Antivirus material: enzymes – found in egg white. Antifungal material: the reagents used for food processing. Features: Air filter with anti-mold The odor Removable, Washable front panel Adjusting the air flow up / down Manual control of the horizontal air flow Hot start (in models with heater) Soft Dry Operation Mode 12 hour timer on / off with a double installation Wireless remote control with LCD display The label on the remote control in two languages Automatic mode (on models with heated) velichennaya piping length – up to 15 meters Air Conditioners Panasonic Deluxe CS-A7DKD, CS-A9DKD, CS-A12DKD, CS-A18DKD CS-A24DKD CS-A28BKP Options conditioners Panasonic Deluxe Air Ionizer / Freshener ion saturates the air negative ions to the air in the house was fresh and invigorating. Panasonic air conditioners not only cool or heat the air. They able to create a truly natural filter SUPER alleru-buster has a three-tiered system of air purification and kills or neutralizes all pathogens passing through the filter contamination, including viruses and allergens.

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