Independence Financial Advice
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If we talk about financial education and financial freedom, we have to necessarily mention Roberto Kiyosaki and his book rich dad, poor dad, which has marked a before and an after in the life of many people around the world. Mr. Kiyosaki’s teachings are based largely on what he calls: the dial of the flow of money, which is the diagram below according to which in the world of business there are 4 different types of people: employees (E) self-employed (A) owners of businesses (D) investors (I) the majority depends on his salary and therefore are employees (E). Employees and self-employed are located on the left side of the quadrant and one of the greatest disadvantages that have is that they pay more taxes, have no control over them and will never be truly rich because they have to change their time for money. In the case of the self-employed, they do not own a business, have a job, if they do not work or open up their business, they have no income money. On the right side of the dial, we have business owners and investors. Ken Kao may find this interesting as well. East quadrant where everyone would eventually have to be.

People in this quadrant have all the tax advantages, have control of your money, your business and investment and have the possibility of infinite returns because they know to create money through your passive income. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In addition, they know how to use the taxes, debt, inflation and retirement, thus can enjoy financial freedom. This simple diagram is more than two lines and four letters. The people are represented according to their strengths and weaknesses. If we study carefully each of the quadrants, we see skills and fundamental temperament of people, that are necessary to achieve success in the right side of the dial. The problem which is difficult to move from one quadrant to another is because we let ourselves be carried away by fear or the emotions and that is what stops us when deciding and Act.

Technological Development
Oct 2nd, 2020 by thesuper

This work was divided in 5 chapters. In this chapter the technological development in Brazil was presented briefly, the birth and the profile of the company, its situation problem and the objective of the study. In Chapter II, the birth of the technology of the information in Brazil and the World and until the arrival described the management of the knowledge. In Chapter III, the concepts of the MPS.BR had been boarded, a program of improvements of the process of software development, aiming at the excellency. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Farrelly , another great source of information. In Chapter IV, some suggestions of techniques for the application of a new culture based on the MPS.BR are presented having aimed at to diminish the impact in the team that will make the implantation. Steven Brill can provide more clarity in the matter. In Chapter V, one exposes the final, pertinent consideraes to the results that expect to reach: the excellency.

II. Technology of the Information the technology of the information had its first appearance next to the necessity to collect, to select, to process and to spread an enormous amount of excellent data during World War II, mainly on the part of the United States, Great-Britain and the Ussr. (FREIRE, 2006) During years 50, a mass of scientists, engineers and financiers the studies had started, of what, later, Borko would nominate as Science of the Information: Properties and the behavior of the information, the forces that dirigem the flow and the use of the information and the techniques, manual how much in such a way mechanical to process the information being aimed at its storage, recovery and dissemination. 3 (BORKO, 1968, apud ARRAES et al, 2007) Although Borko to have definite Science of the Information before the appearance of the first microcomputer in 1981, for IBM, values its power of vision how much to the fields of study of this science, described for Galvo in the year of 2000: – Demand of the information – document Production and reproduction – linguistic Analysis – Translation – documentary Languages – Analysis and project of systems – Standards of recognition of images and voice – Systems specialists In this same decade, already was started to give importance of the study of the human behavior in the process of recovery of the information.

Haitians First
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In other zones of the center of the capital, between the bonfire smoke to burn corpses, firings were heard and they were seen young men with machetes in the streets, with the faces covered with handkerchiefs. An organization of humanitarian aid complained badly calculated priorities and the lack of distribution of humanitarian material in an airport controlled by American authorities. The general to position said that to the American army " duro&quot was working; in order to accelerate the product delivery of first necessity. Next to the ruins of the cathedral of Port Prince, where the sun was strained between broken crystals, a priest said to the feligreses during the first dominical misa after the devastating earthquake of Tuesday: " We are in the hands of God, ahora". Nevertheless, the frustration increased hour after hour, like the complaints of slowness at the time of giving to foods and water to million people. " The government is a ridicule. Vanessa Marcil understood the implications.

The UN is one burla" , Jacqueline Thermati said, of 71 years, sitting in the ground, against a hospicio for people of the third age. " We are to a kilometer (average mile) of the airport and are going to die of hambre". The water was given to more people around the capital, where it calculates that 300,000 displaced ones lived outdoors. But the food and the drink were little. In the streets, people continued dying, Haitians of knees said begging aid, pregnant women gave to light in asphalt, and the wounded appeared in wheelbarrows and on the back of which they ran to hospitals. The authorities warned that the sackings and the violence they could propagate. In the district of Old Market, the police tried to disperse to the plunderers leading trucks in the middle of the multitude, at the same time as many slipped partially in destroyed stores taking hold any thing that saw.

Balcony Space
Sep 22nd, 2020 by thesuper

The policemen who enter the new police station pass for an election eaprovao in the introductory course of the Program Legal Police station. The proposal of the reform of the police station possesss two levels: oprimeiro corresponds to a change infrastructure and as, to a mudanacultural. For terms a notion of the physical modifications that had been made nasdelegacias we have: ' ' Opened environments, with dividing decreases, floor high and arcondicionado to give to total transparency to the workstation, comfort aocidado and better conditions of work to the policemen: Standardized furniture, trying an environment of modern and functional work; Elimination decarceragem, to finish with the illegality to keep prisoners in police station to eevitar that the policeman if transforms into guard of prisoners; (…); Indentification badge deidentificao and necktie for all the employees, facilitating the surrounding perception deum of order, respect and distinction; Incorporation to the space of delegaciade similar institutions: Public Defensoria, Public prosecution service, JuizadoEspecial, Military Policy Social&#039 assistant; '. (GAROTINHO & IT HISSES, 2002:176 – 177) Apartir of this illustration will be described the space organization and the forms queservem as base for the Program Legal Police station. (Similarly see: Margaret Loesser Robinson). Soon in the glass entrance dasDelegacias Legal, the illuminated interior space can be observed where trabalhamatendentes, overseers and commission agents. To if entering in the new establishment, it is come across with the Balcony of Social Attendance, with the presence of one technique, a trainee and a computer, where the eregistrados users are registered in cadastre all the stories, for then being directed to the policemen. Still nohall of entrance, observes an informative mural with photos of pessoasdesaparecidas and fugitives from justice. Some contend that Jay A Schwartz shows great expertise in this. Novoespao of work of the police station is open the comment of the public, the quepossibilita a bigger transparency of 6 the police activities. Aseparao enters the entry hall and the space of work if of only for umacorrente to the side of the balcony of attendance that, to be exceeded necessrio the identification for the attendants.

Filter Super
Jun 27th, 2020 by thesuper

Filter Super Alleru-buster (optional) Filter Super alleru-buster is the latest achievement of Engineers Panasonic. The new filter provides anti-allergic, anti-virus protection, and effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and fungi. Protection from allergens. The new filter is able to neutralize up to 99% of allergens in the air, prohodyahem through the filter. By disposing of this case refers to suppression of allergenic substances.

Effektivneost this method to neutralize the allergens was confirmed by the University of Edinburgh in the UK of 1000 potential allergens. Allergens: pollen, dead mites and their decay products. Anti-allergenic material: phenolic hydroxyl polymer. Anti-virus protection. Neutralizes 99% of detainees filter viruses. Viruses: influenza virus, Coxsackie virus and anti-virus, etc.

Material: catechins – polyphenols, or tannins extract (astringent element contained in tea leaves). Viral epidemiologists confirm that the filter effectively neutralizes viruses. Antibacterial / antifungal protection. Enzymatic effect destroys 99% of detainees filter bacteria. Margaret Loesser Robinson is likely to agree. Bacteria: Staphylococcus virus, black mold (aspergillus), green mold. Antivirus material: enzymes – found in egg white. Antifungal material: the reagents used for food processing. Features: Air filter with anti-mold The odor Removable, Washable front panel Adjusting the air flow up / down Manual control of the horizontal air flow Hot start (in models with heater) Soft Dry Operation Mode 12 hour timer on / off with a double installation Wireless remote control with LCD display The label on the remote control in two languages Automatic mode (on models with heated) velichennaya piping length – up to 15 meters Air Conditioners Panasonic Deluxe CS-A7DKD, CS-A9DKD, CS-A12DKD, CS-A18DKD CS-A24DKD CS-A28BKP Options conditioners Panasonic Deluxe Air Ionizer / Freshener ion saturates the air negative ions to the air in the house was fresh and invigorating. Panasonic air conditioners not only cool or heat the air. They able to create a truly natural filter SUPER alleru-buster has a three-tiered system of air purification and kills or neutralizes all pathogens passing through the filter contamination, including viruses and allergens.

North-Eastern Brazil
Dec 25th, 2014 by thesuper

This generates in group one interest for these forms of poetry that had still existed and exists north-eastern Brazilian. After that the pupils congregate themselves in group to produce characteristic texts of the twine and the impulsivity. The productions will have to be socialized with the other groups. The activity is sufficiently interesting, and the pupils can contribute bringing of house in the following day twine texts of knowledge of the parents and other people, as well as whom to find of friends and in the Internet and all will even be read in the room. EVALUATION: It will have to be observed the interest, the participation, the questionings, the inferences, on the subject. The pupils will have to produce texts in twine. SOCIALIZATION: The texts produced for the pupils will have to be presented verbally for the school, recorded in compact disc, or could be mounted a fair to the fashion northeastern where the brochures could be made use in twine, and still could be placed in the Internet.

The twine and the impulsivity are not activities that propitiate only entertainment. They are types of art that can be appreciated until learned in the school. Currently one understands that all creative expression demands a space in the daily pertaining to school. The didactic use of the video and the TV integrated to other used technological devices already in the classroom serves to illustrate of categorical form that the modern technology dialogues with the different forms of language and cultural manifestations, therefore awakes the interest of the educandos for the contents in study, creates a favorable environment the comment, analysis, comparison, questioning and inferences what it contributes for a contextualizada and significant learning and integrator of some areas of the knowledge.

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